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In windows 10, there is an error called Error POOL Corruption in File Area. What is this error? This error is also known as “blue screen of death” error. This error indicates that there is something not right on the PC and will automatically restart the PC at the random times and makes everything run slower. How can this kind of error happen? There are many possible causes but it is mostly related to the driver. This thing includes the incorrect configured, old, or corrupted device driver; the recent software change; virus or malware; memory (RAM) corruption; and so on.

Then, how to get rid of this error? There are several solutions that can you try to fix this error. The first one is updating the drivers. Apparently, the most common cause of the error is the outdated drivers. In it important for you to update them. By using incompatible drivers Windows 10, you will not able to recognize and use the hardware. In the end, you will get this error. To get the latest drivers, you have to press Windows Key + X on the keyboard to open the Power User Menu. There, please select Device Manager.when it opens, go locate the driver you want to update by right clicking it and pick Update Driver Software. Then, click on Search automatically for update driver software and then wait for windows 10 to be downloaded and installed the appropriate driver. After that, please repeat and do the steps for very driver until all of them are updated.

The second one running Windows System File Checker. This tool is a great and easy one that allow as you to scan and restore the corruptions in Windows system files. In order to run this tool, the first thing to do is clicking the Start button. Then, type “command” in the box of the search and hit the Enter button while holding CTRL-Shift on the keyboard. Click yes when on the permission dialog box. Next, type “sfc/scannow” and press Enter. After that, System File Checker will begin scanning for the error and other problems of the system file will take several minutes. Lastly, please follow on screen commands that will leads you to do everything you need to fix.

The third one is checking for hard Drive corruption. With this method, you will scan the PC and see if there is an error on the hard drive. To run this feature, you have to click the Start button first. Then, type “demand” on the search bar and hit Enter. Next, type “chkdsk/f” before hitting the Enter button. After that, “chkdsk” will start scanning for the hard disk corruption. Once it is done, please follow the on screen command that tells you how to fix if there is the error.


If those methods do not work, you can try to fix the error by updating Windows 10, performing the Malware scan, repairing Registry Entries, performing System Restore or Windows 10 reset. Also, please contact the customer service of Windows if no one of them works.

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