Fix Error Code 0x80070035 in Windows 7/8/10

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Do you come tho this page because of the error code named error code 0x80070035? The users of every version of Windows especially Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 version often encounter this error. This one occurs when you are trying to access Windows Vista via the newer version of Windows such as Windows 8.1. In this case, you will have the hard time when accessing the internal network. Basically, the operating system refuses to establish the networking path and shows the message written “Error Code 0x80070035: The Network Path Was Not Found.” What makes it worse is the fact that the OS even refuses to connect to any networking device including the cable or the wireless devices. The one who frequently encounter this error is the users who often use sharing and are the part of the shared network.

Then, is there any way to fix this error code 0x80070035? The answer to the question is yes. Before discussing about the solutions to fix this kind of error, please start checking some things. First, you have to make sure that the equipment system is set in the same work group. Second, the password and login ID exists on both systems. Third, you have to check if the file sharing function is enabled, if you are using Windows Vista or any later version of Windows. Fourth, users of Windows Vista or later Windows OS should allow the network recovery function. Fifth, be sure to disable all firewalls in the system. Sixth, check all ports and see if there is a closed one. if there is any, please open it.

After make sure all those things, then you can move to the next step which is performing the methods to fix this error code 0x80070035. There are several methods. The first one is disabling the anti virus. If you are the user of any versions of Windows and have the third party anti virus software installed on your computer, laptop, or netbook, please make sure that it is completely disabled. Once it is done, you have to reboot the system and see if the network path is established. Apparently, the culprit of this error in most cases is the third party anti virus and even the firewall software, so disabling them might solve the issue on the system.


The second one is disabling the unwanted services. Please try this method if the first one does not work. To perform this, you have to move the cursor to the lower right side of the screen first. Then, there will be charm bar that will appear. Just click on the search icon and write “msconfig” in the dialog box. The next thing you have to do is to tap on the icon labeled as MSConfig when the system has finished the search. This step will bring you to the configuration window of the system. Afterward, click on the Services tab on the upper part of the window. In the next stage, you have to check the box that is beside the “Hide all Microsoft services” icon. Please click on “Disable All” button and tap on the startup button. Once it is done, please press the OK button on the System Configuration window and then reboot the system.

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