Fix “Error 492” in Google Play Store – Explained

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The user of android use Google Play Store to download, install and update app. Unfortunately, Some of them report that they ever get the error 492 in Google Play Store. What is the error 492? The error 492 is one of the common errors that sometime experienced by the user of Android once they are trying to download or update app in Google Play Store. By the way, are you the user of Android? If you are the user of android, have you ever got the error 492 in Google Play Store? When you get the error 492 in Google Play Store, you can fix that error by doing several methods.

In fact, there are the reasons why the error 492 can occur in Google Play Store. The first reason which make the error 492 occur is the cache problem. The second reason is SD Card Problem. The third reason is Play Store account problem and the last the error 492 occur be caused by the problem with App itself. Now, you have known the reasons that make the error 492 occur. Well, we back to find out the methods to fix the error 492. There are the methods to fix the error 492. In this article, we will share you its method. Lets see and follow its methods in the text below.

Method 1: Clear Cache of Play Store and Google Service Framework.

  1. Please go to “Settings”.
  2. Then go to “Applications” and “Manage Applications”.
  3. Afterwards you have to select “All” on the top of screen.
  4. From the list, please go to “Google Play Store” and click it to open the settings.
  5. Next you can scroll down to find the “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” to remove all the data regarding Google Play Store. Click on each of them.
  6. After that you have to go back to “All” on the top of screen.
  7. Then from the list, please go to “Google Play Services Framework”.
  8. To remove all the data, you have to select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” .
  9. The last you can reboot your phone.
  10. You can go back to your Play store and try updating or Installing the app to check if the error is fixed or not.


Method 2: Boot into Recovery Mode and Clear Cache in Case of Custom ROM.

  1. Please Boot into “recovery mode” that is present in all the custom ROM’s.
  2. Then you have to go to “Settings”.
  3. Afterwards please select on “Advanced Settings”.
  4. Next you can click on “Wipe Dalvik Cache”. It step will clear all the cache on your custom ROM.
  5. Then please reboot the system.
  6. After that you can go back to Google Play Store and try to download or install app.

Method 3: Formatting SD Card.

The error 429 can be caused by the corrupted SD card. So to fix it, you can try to format your SD card. Before that you have to back up your SD card on your PC so that you will not lose all your data.

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