Fix Error 30015-6 (-1) While Installing MS Office 2016

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Microsoft Office 2016 or Ms Office 2016 in short is counted as one of the newest products of Microsoft. It is such a great one and all. However, sometimes the error still happens. An error happens every time and everywhere. It does not just appeal to the older version on the program.

Speaking about the error in Ms Office 2016, there is an error called error 30015-6 (-1). Usually, this kind of error appears while installing Ms Office 2016. The excitement of installing Ms Office 2016 can be disappeared when such an error hit the computer. When something like this happens, every single user of Microsoft must have a mix feeling.

There are several methods to fix error 30015-6 (-1) while installing Ms Office 2016. You can try the first method first and jump to the second or third one when the first one is not working. These methods given here are such the easy ones. Learn it all well before fixing one.

The first method to fix this error is turn on antivirus and firewall. If you have an antivirus installed on your PC, please try and turn it off. After that, please turn off the firewall too. To turn off the firewall, you have to look for “Firewall” on the search bar and click on Windows Firewall. Then, click on “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off”. It is located on the left pane. Next, select turn off Windows Firewall in both public and private options. After turning off the firewall that might well conflict with the installation of the programs, please try and install Ms Office 2016.

The second one is using the Office Troubleshooter which is also known as Fix it Tool. This Office Troubleshooter can get rid of error code 30015-6 (-1). Download one in the trusted source. If the Office Troubleshooter already installed on your computer, you can skip this method and jump to the method 3. After it is downloaded, please run the tool and try to install Ms Office 2016 again. In case the error is still appearing, please try the last method.

The last method of fixing error 30015-6 (-1) is installing in Clean Boot State. Remember that no 3rd party service are enable while cleaning the boot. Before cleaning the boot, you have to uninstall Ms Office 2016 manually from your PC. After that, you can fix this error 30015-6 (-1). Then, how to clean the boot? Please follow these instructions below to do so.


First, you have to look for “msconfig” and click on the option of msconfig.exe. then, the box of System Configuration will appear on the screen. Please check Selective Starup and uncheck “Load Starup Items” on the general tab. Next, move to Services tab and tick the box written “Hide all Microsoft Services”. After that, you will see a list of Services. Please click on “Disable all”. the last step is applying the changes and clicking OK. Please restart the PC to make the changes.

Please follow those instructions well. Call the experts of computer if you face any difficulties. Goo luck!

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