Fix Error 0x89231806 in Xbox while using Party Chat

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When you are one of the users of Xbox app in Windows 10 and wanting to try Party Chat, then you might face error 0x89231806, especially the users of Xbox live and Xbox one. In this case, you will get “Your Network Settings are Blocking Party Chat [0x89231806] whenever you try and join the Party Chat.

Here, you will given about the steps to fix error 0x89231806 in Xbox. There are two types of methods. The first one is the basic and the second one is the advance. Please be ready to discover the ways in fixing this kind of error. You can make a small note so you will not forget once you try these steps.

To do the basic method, the first thing you have to do is look for Xbox Beta. It is available in Windows Store, so please get one by downloading it. Once it is downloaded, launch it and hen go to Settings. Next, go to Network Tab and validate the settings. There might be the error message about the Teredo issues. In the step two, make sure that Ipv6 is enabled on your Network Interface Controller of NIC. To make it enable, please right click on Windows Start button and then click on Network Connections. Then, select the active connection and right click on it in order to pick the Properties. Please scroll down a bit to make sure that Ipv6 is enabled. Once the steps done, it is your time to try and join Party Chat. If you still get the same error 0x89231806 after doing this basic method, you might do the advance method.

In the advanced method, you might get error 0x89231806 if the Windows Firewall is disable. Apparently, Windows Firewall is used by IPv6 to make the connection. If the Windows Firewall is disable, there might the problems appear as the connection will not established. In this case, there are two things that you have to validate, those are Windows Firewall is set to start automatically ad Windows Firewall is configured correctly. In order to make sure that the Windows Firewall is running, you have to look for Services.msc. please press enter that will open the new window. Then, scroll down your cursor to Find Windows Firewall and make the Startup Type be automatic by double clicking it.


After that, you have to make sure that it is configured correctly so that the connection will be flawless. In this stage, please look for Windows Firewall and Advanced Security. Open it and right click on Windows Firewall along with the advanced security which is from the upper left pane. Next, click on Properties. Be sure the firewall state on Domain Profile, Private Profile,and Public Profile Tabs are on.

Please reboot the computer if you have to change anything and still getting the error 0x89231806. After making the Ipx6 enable, the firewall is started and configured correctly. After that, check if the Teredo Tunnel is establishing with Microsoft by right clicking on start button and clicking on Command Prompt (Admin). Next, type “netsh interface teredo show state and name the server as “”. Please reinstall the Teredo to fix this error. Hope your problem will be fix well.

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