Fix Error 0x80073712 when Windows Update

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One of the Windows errors that has the most appearance is error code 0x80073712. Every user of any version of Windows can encounter this error. The error will show up with the message written “ERROR_SXS_COMPONENT_STORE_CORRUPT” or it can also written “Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80073712”. Sometimes, it also occurs with the message written “Windows Update encountered an unknown error”. This error can occur when you are updating the computer or after updating the computer and installing the important updates. As a note, it is not the same as the other errors that related to Windows Update. Why does it is not the same? It is because this error points to the corruption of some of damaged or corrupted files, unlike the other related Windows Update errors that point to the corrupted or missing file that Windows Update Center needs to perform smooth update installation.

How can this error 0x80073712 happen? Every user can get this error any time. As stated before, the risk is when you are trying to update the computer or after upgrading the computer, such as upgrading the computer from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Actually, the update installation can run very smoothly only to reach the point when they are not able to be installed further. However, you do not have to be worry when this error affects your computer because in this page you will be given some methods that can help you to fix the error.

The first method is housekeeping. This one is the easiest one to fix this error code 0x80073712. In this method, you have to make sure that you own the up to date anti virus software. With some housekeeping, you are able to initiate, including running the anti virus program to fix of any present malware or virus and also uninstalling the recently installed program or app before trying to install the updates again.

The second one is resetting the Windows Update components. This one is as easy as the first one. to do this method, you have to visit the official website of Microsoft and locate the Fixit Tool for the specific Windows OS. Then, click on “Run now” button and it will run to fix the update issues on the computer. After it is done, you will be able to download the pending updates.


The third one is renaming the software distribution folder. This method is basically involved stopping the Windows Update service, renaming the folder, and then restarting the Windows Update service again. To do this method, you have to open Command Prompt as the administrator first by pressing the combination of Windows + X keys and then clicking on Command Prompt (admin). Then, type “net stop wuauserv” before hitting the Enter button. Next, type “ren c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.old” and press the Enter. After that, type “net start wuauserv” and hit the Enter button. Please follow every instruction well so the error code 0x80073712 can be fixed soon.

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