Fix Dreaded Blue Screen Kernel_Data_Inpage_Error

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Let’s find the error of Windows, which has a “blue-screened” oh so many computers. Perhaps most troubled, is the fact that it is not precede these errors clearly. Once click to your Facebook feed, you can answer some emails, you can start your favorite games, and everything is jammed. They are confronted with a confusing message about the Windows registry file indexing and for reasons that are not understood, the computer needs to be closed.

We will see a variety of reasons this error occurs. If you have read well however on this subject you can feel free to skip the bottom article in which we discuss the potential for improvement. However, a broader knowledge can be very useful when you do with an error code like this. Because of the reason why it appears in the first place, it is helpful to know how and when to finish.

The cause of the error

If you get a message KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR almost always, if the Windows operating system carefully structured an error in the registry, file and data found that make the operating system itself. Errors in the registry can lock the entire operating system, prevent it from doing anything until reboot. This is why you did not get the “Blue Screen of Death”, and that is why you need to restart your PC before you get back to work. If you could go back to work at all, it was.

And specific errors is problematic for many users, because it can arise for many different reasons. All of them are very tightly bound with the Windows registry because that’s all the same error code manifested. Here are some of the causes are most likely to occur:

  1. Viruses, or other malicious software to infect your computer and change your system registry.
  2. Windows are outdated and need to update critical systems.
  3. Driver software is obsolete and hardware components cause Windows errors.
  4. Hard disk or partition a hard disk has failed, hardware errors show.
  5. You have the wrong RAM, and this causes problems for the Windows registry.

General solutions

Although this is a mistake quite diverse, we have following suggestions in a series of steps organized to follow. While there is no guarantee that they will ultimately solve this problem, but it will take care of all the possible causes mentioned above. So, this is your best recording mistakes to sort out windows yourself, without the need to send a repair to your computer.

Start the system

It may seem like a children’s game, but the first thing we would recommend is that you restart your computer. Sometimes find Windows registry errors because the new application is updated, or part of the operating system itself, which needs to be updated. Since your computer is switched off all over after the experience of these errors, the best first step you can do is mem-boot with a fresh and progress monitor.

Scan System

Because the message KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR sometimes curtails as a result of malware or a virus finds its way to the computer, the system is looking for important. I do not have an always-on anti-malware and antivirus software is very wrong, so the software you have selected for your machine, and perform a thorough test.


Recovery system

The last thing you can do is reset your Windows operating system installation. It is possible to do this in two different ways  a “factory reset” that deletes all your personal files and applications are installed and soft reset, which only returns the Windows operating system settings to the default. Thank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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