Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error for Windows 8 & 10

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Windows might be the most favorite operating systems in this world but most of users have love-hate relationship with this one. It is no doubt that it is awesome. However, the negative points are also there to make it balance. Speaking about the cons of Windows, there is a term called DPC Watchdog Violation Error. DPC (Deferred Procedure Call) Watchdog Violation Error is one of the most hated errors for the users of Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

The Personal Computer (PC) or the laptop will restart as the notification appears. Unfortunately, there are the times when the simple start does not fix the issue. The blue screen as the signature can appear every once in a while and it can be so annoying. Then, how to fix them all?

There are some methods that can you try to solve this kind of error. Those methods include updating the chipset driver, updating the available drivers, turning off fast startup, and performing a disk check. Just try the first one and move to another in case the first one cannot work.

The first method is updating the chipset driver. For your information, the entire error code is the sign that the watchdog detects a DPC running too long. So, the process to avoid the corrupting data or damaging the PC stops. To solve the problem, you have to update the chipset driver first by pressing Windows logo key and X at the same time on the keyboard. Then, choose Device Manager. In the windows of Device Manager, please locate and expand the option IDEATA/ATAPI Controllers. Next, right click the controller with the name SATA ACHI in it and select Properties. Please go to lab of the Driver to verify that you have picked the right one. After that, please go to Driver Details. Please be sure that you can see iaStorA.sys on the list as the driver. Afterward, click OK to exit. In the next step, you have to go back to the Properties window and then select Update Driver which is located under Driver tab. Please select “Browse my computer for driver software”. Next, pick “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. Then, please select the “Standard SATA ACHI Controller” from the list and hit the Next button in order to continue and finish the rest of the procedure as it should be. In the last stage, please restart the computer after this so that the change can make the effect.


If you want to try to turn off fast startup, then you have to go to Start button > Control Panel > Power Options. Please select “Choose what power button does” on the left side of the pane. after that, choose “Change settings that are currently unavailable”. Lastly, scroll down a little bit in order to locate “Turn on fast startup” and then uncheck this option. After all the steps done, click Save Changes to save and exit.

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