Fix d3dx9_38 dll is Missing

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For those users of Windows, have you ever heard d3dx9_38 dll? What is this thing? For your information, d3dx9_38 dll is known as the type of DLL file. This kind of DLL file has 1 starts rating, as for the security rating it is “UNKNOWN”.

There are most common d3dx9_38 dll error messages that might appear on your Windows. Those messages are included “D3dx9_38.dll not found”,”The file d3dx9_38.dll is missing”,”D3dx9_38.dll Access Violation”, and so on. those things can appear during the installation.

Some d3dx9_38 dll errors are related to missing or corrupt the d3dx9_38 dll files. There are some things that can be the cause of the error. Because of the d3dx9_38 location which is located in the external file, there is a great opportunity for something bad to occur. Some other caused of the d3dx9_38 dll error are the invalid or corrupt d3dx9_38 dll registry entry, the virus or malware infection that has corrupted the file of d3dx9_38 dll, the failure of Microsoft Corporation hardware like a bad hard drive that has corrupted the file of d3dx9_38 dll, a program overwrote the required version of d3dx9_38 dll, a program deleted the d3dx9_38 dll by mistake, a program uninstalled the file of d3dx9_38 dll, and so on.

If the file of d3dx9_38 dll is missing from your computer due to some factors, here is the way to fix the problem. Remember to not download the d3dx9_38 dll file from any DLL download website. This way is never a good thing. Please remove it when you are already got one from the website of DLL download and follow these following steps.

The first one is, please restart your computer in case you have not done it yet. the restart can make it completely clear. Then, install the newest version of Microsoft DirectX. Upgrading Microsoft DirectX to the latest version will fix d3dx9_38.dll missing or d3dx9_38 dll not found error. Be sure to install the newest one. Apparently, Microsoft often releases the updates of DirectX without updating the number version or letter. Let say that the latest version of directX does not fix that d3dx9_38 dll error you get. In this case, please look for the installation program of DirectX on your game or application CD or DVD. After that, please uninstall the game or software program and then reinstall it again. The reinstall could be a trick when something happen to the files in the program which work with d3dx9_38 dll. The nest step is restore the file of d3dx9_38 dll from the latest DirectX package. Try to extract the d3dx9_38 dll file individually from the package of DirectX in case the steps of troubleshooting have not worked to solve the error of d3dx9_38. The last step is update the drivers for the video card. In some situations, updating the drivers for the video card in the computer could correct the issue of DirectX even if it is not the most common solution.

How is it? Can you follow the steps to fix the file of d3dx9_38 dll missing? See the expert of the computer if you have any difficulties. Hope your computer recover soon.

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