Fix CE-38606-3 – Can’t Download Themes in PlayStation

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For those of you who do not know, Playstation does give the user the freedom to change Theme aka background image freely. Features that had been absent at the beginning of this release and then supported by the release of various official themes of the games released on the console belongs to Sony, until finally arrived 4.50 update. With the newly released update some time ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment gives extra freedom for Playstation gamers to blend their own console background image. But with one condition that makes the options very limited

Currently, Play station users can not download Themes they have purchased. Every time a user tries to download a theme, there is an error occurring in Code CE-38606-3. Code Prevent downloading and adding Frustration to PlayStation users.

PlayStation users can not download Battlefield, Star Trek etc. themes. You can see “Can not add the following content to [Downloads]. The error occurred on the server.” (CE-38606-3) “There are several solutions To this problem spread all over the internet.We will try and bring them to one page.

Most of the time when many users get the same error code on PlayStation, Server is the problem. More time later no, one can easily assume that the server is the culprit and there is nothing from the user side. But, there are some things you can do and make sure the problem is not from your side.

How to fix CE-38606-3 Error in PlayStation?

First Method: Open PlayStation Store Through Theme Settings.

  1. You can open the Theme Settings on your PlayStation.
  2. Then Click or Select on any theme, There you will get the option to go to PlayStation Store.
  3. Once, PlayStation Store is open, Try Download Theme from there.

Second Method: Restore License.

Our research on Forum posts indicates that Recovering the license may only work for you. This method is not a definite shot that will fix this CE-38606-3 error but you can always try it.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. PlayStation Network
  3. Return the License.

Doing this will probably fix an issue where you can not download Themes.

You can also try it this way:

Sign out and Log back in. We will add more to the list.

There are some reports about other methods they do and If the methods mentioned above are not suitable for you Specific method # 1 then you can be sure that the problem is from the Server side. This is at least the error page. People on the PlayStation must have done this. You can wait until it’s fixed to download the theme you bought on the PlayStation, and you can play some new game series on the playstation with a new theme you can use. Thanks for reading this article until the last paragraph, you can find another reference for this, you can do it by joining the Playstation Forum, watching youtube and more. If this article is useful, you can share it to Facebook’s social media, Google+ and anymore. See you in the next article.

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