File System Error (-1073741819) in Windows 10 Fixed

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Are you one of the millions of Windows users who upgraded to Windows 10? If yes, please read this entire article in case you need it. There is no doubt that windows 10 is very impressive and you might agree with this statement. But, still, it is not that perfect. There are also some bugs and errors in Windows 10.

A lot of users of Windows 10 are facing the errors. One of the error is called file system error (-1073741819). Most of people get this kind of error when they try to run or install the programs or the softwares. It is not a new thing in Windows. It appears most of times when the users try to run a program as the administrator or try to do anything that requires the admin privileges.

What are the reasons for file system error (-1073741819)? This kind of error appear while running programs but the solution might to be a weird one in this case. For your information, the problem of this kind of error is related to audio drivers or sound scheme that used in the computer. Does it sound so strange? Now that you know the real reason of the error, here is the way to fix the file system error (-1073741819) in Windows 10.

As stated above, the actual reason for file system error (-1073741819) has the relation to some of the sound settings. In order to solve the problem, you have to make some changes in Sound Settings. Please follow these following steps to fix the error. The first thing you have to do is open the Start and then look for Sound in the search box. Find one and open the Sound Control Panel. Once you found Sound window, please press the tab of Sound and then switch Sound Scheme to Windows Default. Press OK after that. When it is done, please check the error whether it keeps appearing or not.


In case the method above not work or does not suit you, there is another one as the alternative that you might try. To do this method, the first thing you have to do is right click on the Desktop and then choose Personalize. In this stage, please select Themes. After that, you have to select Theme Settings. Next step is selecting Windows 10 Theme. This method is basically not different with the previous method. Both of the methods change the Sound Scheme to Windows Default and solve the error (-1073741819) that has been preventing you from enjoying the Windows 10.

As you probably know, those method explained are the manual ones to solve the file system error (-1073741819) in Windows. If you do not want to use the manual methods, you may always select the automated solution like RegCure Pro that can solve the most of errors for you in just a second.

If you still have any difficulties related to fixing file system error (-1073741819), please see some experts of computer and ask them bout this kind of error.

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