Failed to Get Player Information from the Server in Pokemon GO

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Perhaps you are on of the players of Pokemon Go. If yes and you are a new player, you have to know that to play this game, you have to make sure that your device has 3G connection and has GPS, too. GPS is the most important thing because it will track your location. You are also not only required an internet connection but you have to have good and fast connection.

One of the reasons why you open and read this article is perhaps recently you face an error in your Pokemon Go game that keep saying Failed to Get Player Information from the Server. You tried to open the game several times but this error keeps coming up. The reasons why it happens can be various. It can happen due to Pokemon Go game problem, Android Device error issue or iPhone (iOS) device error.

If you face such problem then you do not know what to do, coming to this site and then reading this article is the best decision because here, we will explain the methods to fix such problem.

  1. Clear Cache. The first method that you can use is to clear cache. This is a simple method. For iOS users, you can go to Settings and Privacy. Then select Location Services. Toggle Pokemon Go off and On again. For Android users, you can open Settings and Apps/Apps Management. Then, find Pokemon Go and tap on it. Click on Force Close and Clear Cache as well. Now, reboot your phone.
  2. Use Airplane Mode. You also can use this method. First, you can close Pokemon Go app on your phone. Then, activate Airplane Mode on your phone. You can do it by sliding down from the top of your screen. It will open Notification panel and here you can find an Airplane mode icon. Tap on it. If you use iPhone, you can go to Settings. Then, open Pokemon Go app and you will see Niantic Logo. Next screen will be loading bar. Instead of loading the game, you will see No Internet Connectivity on top of your screen. Then, deactivate Airplane Mode in your phone. After deactivating Airplane Mode, you will see Loading bar filling and it will be ready to play.
  3. Reinstall Pokemon Go. If you have tried the two methods above but it seems that it does not work, you can try to reinstall Pokemon Go. To reinstall this game, you just have to Uninstall Pokemon Go app from the front screen or you can go to Settings and then choose App Management > Pokemon Go >Uninstall. After that, download and install Pokemon Go again from Play Store. If you have download and install it, open the app and then Sign in again.

So, it is very easy to fix the “Failed to Get Player Information from the Server” error, isn’t it? You can try to fix it by using one of the three methods above. If the one that you use does not work, you can try another one.

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