Exception Error 0xe06d7363 Solutions for Windows Users

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The Exception Error 0xe06d7363 is the error which is referred to as Windows Application Error. There are the possible causes of Error 0xe06d7363. It might cause by malware infection, conflicting third-party applications, damaged or missing files and the system files that are not configured correctly.

Do you ever get Error 0xe06d7363? Do you know the method to fix Error 0xe06d7363? If you get problem about the Error 0xe06d7363, do not be panic because there are the methods which can you do to fix that problem. Well, in this article we will share you the methods to fix Error 0xe06d7363. Please see in the text below.


Method 1: Perform a clean boot.

1.      Please click “Windows key” and type “System Configuration”. Press Enter.

2.      Then you can go to the “Services” and select “Hide all Microsoft services”.

3.      After that you have to select “Disable all”.

4.      Then please navigate to “Startup tab” and select “Task Manager”.

5.      Afterwards you have to select all items on the list and then please click “Disable”.

6.      Then you can close “Task Manager”.

7.      The last you can try to reboot the system.

Method 2: Use System Restore Point.

1.      Please click “Windows key” and type “Create a Restore point” in the search bar. Then click on the search results.

2.      After that on the new window you have to select “System Protection”.

3.      Then please click on “System Restore” and press “Next”.

4.      Next you can select the last Restore point which you have created. Then click “Next”.

5.      Afterwards please click “Finish”. Wait a few minutes for the system to restore.

6.      The last you can try to restart the system.

Method 3: Boot your PC in Safe Mode.

1.      Please open Start menu and click Power button.

2.      Then keep the “Shift” button and while you keep it, please click “Restart”.

3.      Afterwards when the Windows boot screen pop up, you have to select Troubleshoot -> Advanced options.

4.      After that please select “Startup Settings” on the advanced options screen and click on “Restart”.

5.      Next, when the system reboots, please press F4 to boot into Safe Mode.

6.      The last you can try to launch the application which showed Error 0xe06d7363. Check if that error has been solved.

Method 4: Repair Microsoft Office.

1.      Please right click on Start button and select “Programs & Features”.

2.      Then you have to find and right click on “Microsoft Office”.

3.      Afterwards please select “Change”.

4.      Next, there are two options, “Quick Repair” and “Online Repair”. You can select one of two options which you want.

5.      After that you can click on “Repair”.


Method 5: Run the Microsoft safety Scanner.

In this method you need to use the “Microsoft Security Scanner”. It is a free security tool which you can download from the Microsoft website. The tool helps to remove malware, spyware, and antivirus in your system. It can also has the function with your current antivirus software which still installed.

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