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Hello readers! In the Air Force, he is determined to destroy the AU and the things that he holds, mishaps or mistakes in the multiverse. He used a blue string to bind the soul and destroy it, and when the strings into the sacrifice, he will be able to move his soul of the victim, make her body to him, it would be the reverse sacrifice Do not change, control them, do something. He loves and lets the helpless victim. It can jump to other universes from a universe, and also has some force / other strange habits.

AU is associated with many other people, so it is best to know some of the other AU before you plunge into another level, Sans mistake is basically a hunter AU, AU the left and right seek and destroy, except that it likes it like Outer Valley. As he did, whether to keep Frisk and Flowey worried that they could not be reset (he basically trapped), then continue killing. Sans errors are created as a result of the players around with file to many games, so it makes glitter. He was trapped in a white emptiness in the play files (which can not be seen by CORE Frisk). He went crazy there, until he knows how to manipulate the game’s code, to open a portal to different AU.

Profile, Frisk, felt very uncomfortable after receiving the genocide / without grace, mercy of Sans “and do not agree to go back when they are friends (the same as in the game when you are receiving grace Sans) They finally rearranged the timeline and back again.When the ruins left, they heard the sound of a familiar Sans but soon discovered instead Sans became a bug in the code.Sans is now the character a bit crazy and insane in the lines of different time All the anomalies and all the anomalies to be found and destroyed.His character is a confusion and somewhat hypocritical behavior because he himself was an anomaly, but he sees himself as a clean schedule, as SCP-049. Because of his level of madness, motives and actual Behavior remains a secret, the colors were negative, and he has the ability to connect and connect the individual soul with long strings like a marionette He has power like Gaster Blasters, only he who is black is faster and bigger than Sans; He also used a red and black bones were also stronger. He can teleport to the universe he wants.

He is a complete enigma for erratic behavior and unpredictable ownership. He holds a doll version of himself that he speaks to another, calls Sans “sans classic” standard and the other named with numbers. Underfell is “Sans Number Greedy 13”. He declined to discuss papyrus. A total of. While recognizing that he is the fault / anomaly, he is different because the only ones who do something about it. He really wants to chase CORE! Frisk.

Sans mistake is basically a puppeteer that uses a blue string to control the soul of a person and also serves as an enter hook. He also used Blaster’s Gaster two times faster than the original.

Errors have touch anxiety (fear to be touched), and therefore very hesitantly approach with someone physically.

At irregular intervals he can fight, his eyeballs filled with errors, give him a great disadvantage when he was in the fight. If the error strings do not have, it will be a very simple problem to fix.

Mistakes also can not see things far away clear because he used the glasses several times in the comics to display this. Glasses were held in the pocket of his hoodie. He also knew how to knit, art.

He should also be weak water, but no one knows for sure.




Antivirus! Sans
Anti is the mortal enemy sans. Anti cousin sans team mistake sans ink fight. Remove anti-error sans by typing commands on its keyboard. Anti-mistakes and can have a certain love, hate relationship.

Ultra! Sans Tale
Ultra! Tale sans or Delta! Sans is the brother of Anti and fights mistakes, virus! Sans. From Bravery, Delta! Sans No Fear Mistake! Sans.

Blueberry sans
You can get along somehow. It is not clear why the error along with Blueberry well, perhaps because he is a “friend” error first in a long time.

Ink! Sans
The ink is protection during fault AU itself a destroyer. Mistake Hass Ink! Sans with all his strength.

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