Error! The Server Quit without Updating PID File on Mac

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MySQL is the popular database. Unfortunately, sometime there are the problems which occur on MySQL. One of the problems is MySQL server cannot get start. If you get this problem with your MySQL so you will get the error message which displays “The Server Quit without Updating PID File”. Of course you will be annoyed with that error message. And you want to fix it as soon as.

There are many reasons which make that error messages. There are also many solutions to fix it. Recently, we get the report that many people who experience that error messages. Based on that case, we want to share several methods to fix that error messages in this article. Therefore, if you are experiencing that error message you can fix it by using the methods which we will share here.

In the text below, you can see a lot of solutions to fix the error messages on MySQL server. Let’s check them one by one.

  1. At first you can try to restart it.
  2. If the process restart cannot solve the error message on MySQL server, you can remove /etc/my.cnf or back it up for now and restart.
  3. To fix the error messages on MySQL server, you can try to remove any .err files in the data folder or create missing .pid ones which the error message warns.
  4. In this step, you can login to your Linux server with root privileges, and then try to begin MySQL service manually.
  5. You can check whether or not you have already MySQL service running. Next, you have to type the command to determine whether or not there is MySQL service running already. In a case, you will get the list of MySQL process with PIDs if MySQL service is already running. However, you need to kill those processes.
  6. Another step to fix the error messages on MySQL server, you have to check ownership of /var/lib/mysql/. You can type the command to check ownership of MySQL service. At a case, if its ownership is root, so you have to change it to MySQL or your user.
  7. The next step, you can take back up of mysql.sock file and then please remove it. Type the commands to achieve it. After that you can try to start MySQL service with the next command.
  8. In this step, to fix the error messages on MySQL server, you can try to find log files with suffix err. You will get these files at following path. These files contain the actual error message. At the most of cases, this problem is resolved by removing these error files.
  9. In this step, you have to check my.conf file that has been modified recently. Then please navigate to /etc/my.cnf. After that you have to restore the changes which you have made to this file.
  10. In the last step, to fix the error messages on MySQL server, you can move the log file and restart MySQL service.

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