Error Retrieving Information from Server Rpc s-7 aec-0

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Are you Android user? If you are Android user, do you ever experience the error Retrieving Information from Server rpc s-7 aec-0? Do you now how the methods to fix the error rpc s-7 aec-0? Recently, most of Android user report that they are get the problem called Error Retrieving Information from Server Rpc s-7 aec-0. Usually, the Android users get the error rpc s-7 aec-0 when they try to update or download applications from the Play Store. Why theerror rpc s-7 aec-0 can happen? Well in this article we will tell you the causes of error rpc s-7 aec-0. There is the reason why the error Retrieving Information from Server rpc s-7 aec-0 can happen.

Actually, at the most of casethe error rpc s-7 aec-0 can cause by the synchronization where the device or application cannot synchronize. If youexperience the error rpc s-7 aec-0 on your Android device, please you do not be confuse or be panic because there are the methods to fix the error rpc s-7 aec-0. In this article, we will also share you the methods how to fix theerror rpc s-7 aec-0. We think its methods are easy to follow, so you can fix it by yourself. Well, the explanation about the methods to fix the error rpc s-7 aec-0 can you see in the text below. Please read and follow its methodsstep by step so that the error rpc s-7 aec-0 can be resolved.

Method 1: Remove Google account.

  1. Please go to “Settings”. Then you have to go to “Accounts”.
  2. Afterwards you have to select “Google”.
  3. Then please go to “Menu” and then you have to select “Remove Account” or “Delete Account”.
  4. The last, you can restart your device. Try update or download an app to see whether or not the error rpc s-7 aec-0 is fixed.

Method 2: Clear All Chache and Data.

  1. Please go to “Settings”. Then go to “Applications” and “Manage Applications”.
  2. Afterwards you have to select “All”.
  3. Then please go to “Google Play Services Framework”.
  4. To remove all the data, you have to select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” .
  5. Then you have to go to “Google Play Store” and select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” to remove all the data regarding Google Play Store.
  6. The last you can reboot your phone.


Method 3: Add Gmail Account.

  1. Please go to “Settings”. Then go to “Accounts”.
  2. Afterwards  you have to select “Google”.
  3. Then please go to “Menu” and you have to select “Add Account”.
  4. After that please enter your credentials.
  5. The last, you can check if error rpc s-7 aec-0 is resolved.

Well that is the explanations about the methods to fix the error Retrieving Information from Server rpc s-7 aec-0 on Android device. You can  follow its methods step by step. According to the research, its methods are very work.Therefore, most of Android users solve the error rpc s-7 aec-0 by doing those methods. The last we hope the explanation above is useful for you.

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