Error code 805a8011 in Windows Store Fixed

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The Error code 805a8011 in Windows Store is an error on the computer, mobile phone or tablet which run in Windows operating system. Usually, error code 805a8011 occurs when you try to access Windows Store and download or update an app. There are the causes of error code 805a8011 in Windows Store. That error can be caused by syncing issues with your Microsoft account,  insufficient storage space in your Smartphone, inaccuratetime and date on your Smartphone and Internet connection issues. If you get error code 805a8011, do not be panic because there are the methods to fix the error code 805a8011 in Windows Store. In the text below you can see its methods.

Method 1: Manual Synchronization of your Microsoft Account.

  1. Please go to “Settings”.
  2. Then click “Email + Account”.
  3. After that please tap and hold on “Microsoft Account”.
  4. Next you have to tap on “Synchronize”. You can check if error code 805a8011 is resolved. Then you can try again to access Windows Store.

Method 2: Check Time and Date.

  1. Please go to “Settings”.
  2. Then please find “Time and Date” to set correct values.
  3. After that you can try to access Windows Store. Before that you can check whether or not the error is fixed.

Method 3: Create New Microsoft Account.

  1. Please go to to create a new Microsoft Live account.
  2. Then please go to “Settings”. Tap on “Emails + Accounts”.
  3. After that you have to tap on “Add Email”.
  4. Next please select “Microsoft Account”.
  5. Then you can enter your new username and password for your new Microsoft Account.
  6. The last try to access Windows Store and check if the error code 805a8011 is resolved.

Method 4: Change Internet connection.

The error code 805a8011 in Windows Store can occur when you use  Wi-Fi connection or mobile data connection which has issues. To solve it, you have to change your Internet connection. Try to change from Wi-Fi connection tomobile data connection or you can change from mobile data connection to Wi-Fi connection. After that you can try to access windows Store, download or update app.


Method 5: Free Stotage Space.

The error code 805a8011 in Windows Store can caused by low storage space on your smartphone. It cannot work normally if there is not enough space. Therefore to fix that problem, you have to delete some your photos, videos, games and music to free up some space. Or you can also delete the applications that do not use. Try to free up at least 150MB of free space on your Smartphone. After that you can go to access Windows Store to check if theerror code 805a8011 is resolved. If this method cannot fix the error code 805a8011, so you can try to follow other methods.

Method 6: Reset Smartphone.

In this method you have to reset your Smartphone to fix error code 805a8011. There are two options for resetting the phone. Those are Soft Reset and Hard Reset. We suggest you to start with Soft Reset. If it does not work, so you can do Hard Reset. Before you do this method, do not forget to back up all important photos, video, documentsor contacts so that you will not lose them all.

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