Error Code: 0x800f0908 While installing Language Packs Fixed

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You have upgraded your PC to Windows 10 and then you want to use your Windows 10 in your own preferred language so that you intend to install language packs for example you want to install Spanish language pack. Instead of being successful, you get an error which says that your installation fails and the error message contains of error code 0x800f0908. Have you encountered such situation?

Error code 0x800f0908 can happen when you are trying to install language packs or Speech Recognition in Windows 10. The reason why the users install another language in their PC is usually because they are not fluent in English so that they can not understand the notification, message or even icon name that comes up in their PC screen.

Then, you want to know whether this error can be solved or not and what the cause of this error is. The error like this can happen temporarily. Then, if you try to install language pack next time, you will not face this error again. But, this error also can be related to several Windows Update problems. The major reason of why this error happen is related to the internet connection. So, you can try to check the internet connection first because by fixing some settings of the internet connection sometimes can help to solve this problem. There are also users who connect their internet using Wi-Fi and then they get this error. It happens because the network of Wi-Fi is set to Metered Connection. What is Metered Connection? Metered Connection means that users often has a data plan which is limited. Therefore, the providers of internet service charge the users based on the total of received and sent data. Metered connection settings in Windows permits reducing the usage of data. So, if the provider of your internet connection does not charge by the used data, you have to set the network of Wi-Fi to non-metered settings. By changing the settings of internet connection can fix error code 0x800f0908.


After we know that the main reason of why this error happen is because of internet connection setting that is in metered connection, it means the solution to fix this problem is we have to change the setting so that we can install the language package successfully. If you insist on setting your Windows in Wifi network with metered connection, it will prevent your download to save extra data usage automatically.

How to deactivate the metered connection setting?

  1. You have to go to Settings and then select Network.
  2. Select Wifi and then select Advanced Options.
  3. After that, select Metered Connection and then select Off so that metered connection will be deactivated.

Now, you can try to download and install language pack again without dealing with such error again. Hopefully, this method can really help you to get rid error code 0x800f0908 that comes up every time you install language pack. Thank you for reading this article and have a nice day.

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