Error code 0x80073d0b on Windows 10 phones

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If you are one of the users of Lumia series phone with Windows 10 on it and then you receive error code 0x80073d0b perhaps it will be so annoying for you. This error usually pops up when you are trying to move some applications from internal memory to SD card. The error will says “The operation did not complete successfully. Try again in a bit. The error code is 0x80073d0b, in case you need it”.

By experiencing this error, perhaps you wonder why the error code 0x80073d0b can happen. There are two reasons why this error can happen.

  1. You are trying to move system applications. You are not permitted to move in-built system apps. If you insist on transfer in-built system apps or move them you will receive the error.
  2. App developer restricts the movement of the app. Perhaps you are not trying to move the system apps but the third party apps such as Whatsapp. You will receive the error because the developer of the app such as Whatsapp does not permit you as a user to install their built app to install on SD card. The application that you are trying to move is designed only to work in the internal memory and it is not designed to work in the external memory.

Well, now you have known the reasons why the error code 0x80073d0b appears in your mobile phone when you are trying to move some apps. If you have known the reasons then you want to know about the solution to fix this error. Can we get rid this error?

So, the only one solution to fix this error is you have to stop trying to move the apps. As mentioned above that one of the reasons why the error happens is because some apps are not designed to work in external memory but only in the internal memory. It means you can not force to move them from internal memory to the external memory. One of the apps that can only work in internal memory is Whatsapp. Users can save images and video as well to SD card but not the whole apps. Because if you will try to move or even install apps on your SD card every time, you will see the error popping up on your mobile phone screen.


So, after you read the reasons why the error happens and the only solution that you can do to get rid the error, now you can apply this and hopefully it can really help you to get rid the error code 0x80073d0b that always pops up in your Windows 10 mobile. You have to note that do not move apps to SD card unless if it is necessary. Because if you move the app to SD card, it will result in slowing down of the app. It means the app will work slowly and it will take some time to respond as well. Thank you for reading this article.

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