Error 0xc00702e4 While Installing AVG Fixed

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When you try to install AVG Antivirus, perhaps you have experienced that suddenly you see an AVG Install Error. The error says “Sorry, we’ve experienced a problem during initialization. Please try again. Error code: 0xc00702e4”. This error can happen because of several possible reasons: incomplete installation of certain files or collision of two conflicting programs. The other problems that you may face because of this error are slow computer performance, BSOD error that is appearing, System that is stuck while performing normal operations or while multitasking, several unused files that runs automatically and update program that can not continue.

AVG Antivirus is an advanced anti virus utility which includes anti spam, real-time security updates, blocks hackers, download protection, locks apps, protects passwords and the other functions. Beside offering a paid version, the developer also offers a free version of this software. But in the free version, it does not feature all the functions that the software is programmed. So, for getting the best functions of this software, you have to get the paid version.

If you try to install AVG Antivirus but the error always comes up again and again, it means you need to fix it. We have some methods that you can use to fix Error 0xc00702e4 while installing AVG.

  1. Use AVG Removal Tool. AVG possess its own tool for removing its program from PC completely. The removal tool does the job very well. You need to use the tool to remove AVG completely even the traces which are left. The first thing that you have to do is to open AVG Download Center webpage. Scroll down and download AVG Remover. After that, run AVG Remover to remove AVG completely from your System. Then, download AVG again from Official Website. Then, run the Exe File as Admin.
  2.  Uninstall Conflicting Programs. This error can also be caused by having the other Antivirus programs. If you already have the other antivirus programs like Avast, Norton or the others, you have to uninstall them so that AVG Antivirus can work in your PC. First, you are able to go to Control Panel. Then, Uninstall Programs and Check the list of Programs which are installed on your system. If you find any program that can conflict with AVG installation, you can uninstall them one by one. This process can take several time but it really can fix the error code 0xc00702e4 that you are experiencing.


If you do not want to do the steps above and then you want to fix it automatically, you can use Reimage to fix Error Code 0xc00702e4. Reimage program is a handy PC optimization tool with a build in Avira antivirus. Thus, it can detect system errors and unwanted or malicious programs.

That’s all the solution that we can share to help you in fixing error code 0xc00702e4 that comes up when you try to install AVG Antivirus. Hopefully, this article can really help you to get rid the error. Thank you for reading the article.

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