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Between Match vs eHarmony, which one is better place to find the love? Which one is the cheapest? Which one between the two is the most popular? To find the answers, please read the entire article well.

As you probably know, there are thousands of online dating websites online. But, there is only a very small percentage sites which have the excellent chance of finding the partner. In the fact, both Match and eHarmony are the trustworthy websites. All of them have the biggest and the most active millions membership numbers.

Still in the discussion about vs eHarmony, which one to recommend? If there should be the answer to the question, then the answer is Match. Why? You will be given some reasons of why Match is picked over eHarmony.

The first one is there are more people who have met their lovers on Match than on eHarmony. It does not say that eHarmony does not work at all, it just seems like Match is more successful in matching thing.

The second reason is related to the searching. Both of them handle the searching in different ways. On eHarmony, you will end up with no matches at all, sometimes. This can be happen because this site basically automates based on the results from the membership questionnaire. By there is no matches means that you will not see any profiles on eHarmony. To make it worse, you will not be able to contact anyone. As the contrary, you are left to search for your own matches on Match using an exhaustive list of the search options. Basically, there are no restrictions on Match and you will be spoilt for the choice if you live in a big city town.

The last reason between Match or eHarmony is about the price. Joining eHarmony seems to be cheaper if you join for 12 months. 12 months is too long to find someone, so 6 months seems enough. Apparently, a 6 month membership on Match is almost half the price of eHarmony.


So, what is your choice, eHarmony or Match? With eHarmony, it is like driving a car with an automatic gearbox. As for Match, it is the most definitely a manual gearbox. All of the work is done for you on eHarmony. But, an automatic is a little too restrictive. Sometimes, you sure want to have a bit fun on open the road. On the other hand, Match is on the opposite way.

On this 21st century, online dating is bigger that ever. There are more online dating sites that you can choose. All of them have its pros and cons. It does not matter which online dating site you would choose, but please be wise when joining one. it does not necessarily make it any easier to get someone special. Do not forget that finding someone takes time and effort. Put all of them together so you can find the best out of the best. Hope you met one!

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