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Every member have to fulfill the answer the mandatory eHarmony questionnaire. It will be put as the profile. This one will be a help to indicate the matches based on the personality and the compatibility with other people. So, it is better for you as a single one who are looking for the perfect partner to be as honest as possible in answering the questions.

eHarmony profile questions are very easy to answer. You do not have to worry if it will take too much of your time because it is will not. For your information, there are seven dots with every end is the complete opposite answer to the question and the middle dot is the neutral answer. Please click on whichever dot that best describes you well.  For instance, the first one is “How well does warm generally describe you?”.  The first end is “not at all”, the second one is “very well”, and another one is “somewhat”. Please click on what you think represents you the best. In case you regret something such as clicking too fast and wishing to go back in order to fix the answer, you can click the “Oops!” button which is located in the bottom left.

You have to keep going on for about 75% of the sections. There will be a lot of eHarmony questions list such as how you describe yourself, how you view life, your feelings and your interests. Remember to read every question carefully and click on the dot that represents you. After all the questions filled, please click “Let’s Go” to go to the next section. There will be “Build Your Profile” when you are three quarters finished. It is because it will consist of different types of questions. If the thing is too much for you, you are able to exit it at any time and come back later. Do not worry because eHarmony will save the progress for you.

You will face yourself and build your profile for the last 25%. In this stage, you have to answer about your highest level of education, three things you are thankful for, and a short description about several things you are passionate about. When fulfilling those things, there will be the character count which is in the bottom right. It will start off red and will turn green once you have filled enough that you can move to the next stage.

You will repeat the same multiple choice answers when you are done. This time, it will relate to what you are looking for in your matches. Then, what are you looking for? Do you want someone who is good looking? Someone who is very religious? The one who is considerate? Please click “Let’s do this” so you will be moved to the last section of the questionnaire.In the last part, you will be asked about the phone number. This one is optional. You can just click “This Looks Good” if you do not want to give the number.

Finally, everything is completed. Now, you just have to setup the eHarmony profile and be able to check the matches. Enjoy your time on eHarmony and hope you will find the best partner soon.

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