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Are you looking for an online dating website? How about try to join one named eHarmony? eHarmony is known as one of the top online dating websites. This website will suit those who are looking for serious relationships. Ready to join this best website?

Talking about online dating website, one of the thing you should consider to is the cost of it. Every online dating website has different cost. Then, how much does eHarmony price? For the beginners, eHarmony costs nothing to join the website. It is completely free to create the profile and receive the matches. However, you will be charged when you want to see pictures, communicate with the matches, or use the features of the website. In conclusion, it is just creating the account which is free, other activities are going to cost you. Like it or not, you have to pay to enjoy the features of the website.

If you want the cheap price, one month of membership is best. You have to pay around $59.95 with no strings attached, no recurring payments, and no discount. Apparently, most of people think that one month is too short for a single one to find someone special. If you kind of agree with them and want a bit longer on joining eHarmony, then, you might think about the other options. As stated before, this website does not offer the discounts for one month membership. However, you will find price reductions, and even the significant ones, if you commit more. In short, the price tag of eHarmony gets better.

For your reference, right now, eHarmony has three types of memberships. Th first one is basic plan. With this one, you will get all you need to communicate with the matches. There are some options of basic plan with different prices and lengths. A 12 month basic plan costs $18-20/month or around $225-230/year. For 6 month membership, you have to pay around $25-30/month or around $165-170/year.

The second one is total connect. It offers you in the first offer which is basic plan with a premium personality profile, secure calling options, and a verified ID as the additions. Please prepare around $25/month or $288/year for 12 month plan and $30/month or $180/year for a 6 month plan if you want to take this option.

The last one is premier plan. With this option, you will be given all of the features of both options above along with an Ultimate Guarantee. The Ultimate Guarantee is that you to be in a relationship within 12 months or you will get 12 months as addition for free with no questions asked. Other plus points are that you will able to communicate with all the matches, including the unpaid ones; get your own personal profile advisor; and get the dedicated support team which will be by your side whenever you need help. It costs around $42/month or around $500/year for 12 months of premier support.

eHarmony makes everything easier for you by offering  eHarmony plans prices. So, have you decided what you are going to take?

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