eHarmony Horror Stories

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Are you one of the customers of an online dating website called eHarmony? As you know, online dating can be considered as the process of meeting the complete strangers. eHarmony is no exception. Meeting a stranger is good for some reasons. It is so interesting because you will meet the new people with different background and characteristics. It is a good thing. Aside from the pros, it also has the cons. By meeting the strangers, it means that you are going to meet some people who are not kind or scary.

Some people tend to blame the online dating websites like eHarmony. In the fact, it is part of the consequence. It is hard to put the every detail of someone on the online dating website. If it is screened every single thing of people who use the service, it is sure that no one could use it. So, be prepared for you all who want to join the online dating website such as eHarmony.

Have you ever experienced the bad thing related to online dating website or have you ever heard the stories about it? To feed your curiosity, here is the eHarmony horror stories for you.

The first story is owned by a women named Hanah. At her early day of work in the office, Hannah had been introduced to a man called Paul. Apparently, Paul was an oddly cool and unwelcoming man. As the few weeks passed, he warmed up and both of them started flirting. She said yes when he asked for dinner. At first, she was so happy as he said that he was pleased she was working in that office. Then, he was so honest on something related to women. He said that he was pretty irritated when she first arrived. Actually, it did not just her, it was all women. He added that he did not really like them all. with his sentences, obviously, she no longer speaks to him. No one of woman does.


As the second story, there is Janet. It is said that Janet met a boy by online. Then, two of them finally met up on a weekday night in the bar near her work, after some lengthy texting. In the bar, there was a bartender who seemed so close to him. The bartender greeted him as he seemed so ofter in visiting the bar. It is no doubt that the boy was the regular customer of the bar when the bartender named his regular drink. After they got the table, the boy proceeded to loudly discuss how young she was. Even though she kept repeating on saying that they were the same age, he did not stop on saying how young she was. The girl Janet was not impressed, only the bartender was.

In conclusion, there are a lot of trolls among the online dating website like eHarmony. Aside from the horror stories after the meeting, there are also some stories before the meeting on eHarmony. To avoid them all, please be careful when you have a plan to look for someone by joining eHarmony.

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