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In the year of 2017, online dating websites are everywhere. Each of them spread their wings to many places possible. Every day, they keep improving on the system, the service, and so on so that they will not lose to the other online dating websites. One of the biggest online dating websites is called eHarmony. With a lot of members from over 150 countries, eHarmony is the one for you who is looking for long term relationship. The first idea of creating this based in Los Angeles, California website come in the late 1999. On August 22nd, 2000, it was launched to public for the first time.

Talking about eHarmony and its good things, it will be not complete without discussing the founder of eHarmony. Then, who is the genius one behind the door? For your information, eHarmony was found by a man named Neil Clark Werren. Werren is a clinical psychologist. Aside from that, this man also a Christian theologian, seminary professor, chairman and co-founder of the online relationship site named Compatible Partners, and the author of the books of relationship advice. He has written ten books. Most of his articles can be seen in a lot of journals and magazines. Due to his popularity, Werren has been interviewed on more than seven thousand radio and the programs of television.

Neil Clark Warren was born on September 8th, 1934 in outside Des Maoines, Iowa and was raised in the same area. He has had an interest in compatibility since he was young. He chilhood was frustrating due to the divorce of his parents. At that time, it was so hard to communicate with each other due to the difference of the intelligence and the interests.

Warren was good at education. He graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary and got his master’s in divinity. Aside from that, he also got his Ph.D in psychology from University of Chicago in the year of 1967. To make it complete, he received his undergraduated degree at Pepperdine University which was before the two above.

After over 35 years as a clinical psychologist and the counselor of marriage, Neil Warren got the intention in helping the singles to have the lasting relationship. In the late 1990s or the early 2000, he tried to test his theory about relationship which was on his books. Thanks to his idea, an online compatibility matching service called eHarmony was created in that year.

Warren named himself as the founder and the owner of eHarmony from the start until the year of 2007. On July 2012, he came back from his retirement in order to become the chief executive of eHarmony.

Then, how about his love? Speaking about his personal life and his lover, there is the rumor spread that Werren’s wife leaves him for another man. Actually, there are no such trusted news that reports eHarmony founder wife leaves him. The only news about the founder of online dating website who left by his wife is Gary Kremen. As you probably know, Gary Kremen is the founder of one of the most popular online dating websites named Match. Kermen lost his girlfriend to a man she met on Match, his own creation.

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