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There is one of the most popular online dating websites called eHarmony. eHarmony was made by a psychologist named Niel Clark Werren in the year of 2000. Right now, this company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Aside from that, it is also operating in some big cities such as United State, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and United Kingdom.In 2017, it has a lot of members who are located in more than 150 countries.

The website of eHarmony uses computerized algorithms to match people. It is intended to mach both men and women for the long term relationships. For those who is looking for someone special, you can start joining this online dating website now.

When you are joining an online dating website like eHarmony, not every single thing goes well. Sometimes, there is an error or a problem occur. The error and the problem itself can be related to the website or anything. If there is something wrong or error related to eHarmony, one thing on your mind must be how to contact to someone who knows about this thing. In this case, that someone is the representative of eHarmony. Usually, most of the companies put the customer contact on the official  websites. Different from the others, apparently, eHarmony does not display the service phone number of its customers on the website. However, this company has a toll free number that can be used by every customer to access the department of the customer service. This eHarmony phone number can be used by both eHarmony members and non-members to contact the customer service of eHarmony.

So, what is the eHarmony customer service number? The customer service phone number of eHarmony is 800-951-2023 and 1-844-527-7421. With this number, you can ask every single thing related to eHarmony. Do not ever hesitate to talk to the customer service of eHarmony. Just ask them until you get the best answer. Also, in case you have a complain regarding the service of eHarmony or else, you can send the complain here. Then, how to contact the customer service of eHarmony? First, please dial 800-951-2023 on your phone. Then, wait for the representative of customer service of eHarmony to answer the phone. Sometimes, it takes long hold times. After you get in, explain your problem, question, or complain to the customer service. In some cases, you will be transferred to another department to solve it all. For more information, you can make a call to  844-527-7421. This phone number is available on Monday until Saturday from 8 am until 5 pm PST. You just have to press 2 and then wait on the line.

Does this customer service phone number work in every region? Yes, every customer and non customer from different place can use this number. eHarmony customer service phone number USA is same as the other places. So, you do not have to be confused about it. Once again, do not forget to call to the customer service of eHarmony whenever you face something bad and else.

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