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eHarmony has announced that it will spread its wings to Spanish. This company has an eye to attract the Spanish speakers by entering the Spanish speaking markets. The representative of eHarmony just announced the launch of its new Spanish-based website. For those Spanish speakers who are single and looking for partner in love, you can visit its official website on En Español.

The new website of eHarmony aims to broaden the international presence of eHarmony by using its localized and fully translated interface. It is also for establishing a demographic of online daters across Latin America. Based on the data of the market research, the online dating market of Latin America is growing at the rate of 20% year on year. This move by eHarmony is such an interesting one because it allows the company to expand into the new territories and also offer the service of Spanish language for the users in existing market such as the United States. The representative of eHarmony stated that this new Spanish website will serve to the 37% of its bilingual users who speak Spanish.

Talking about the real reasons behind the launch of the new website, the founder of eHarmony named Dr. Neil Clark Warren said that the online dating has come into its own for the last few years and everyday it keeps growing in every user demographic. This online dating website has become a trend. The trend itself continues around the world as this kind of website gets the recognition as a place to meet special one. As addition, he stated that the main goal of eHarmony is to help the users of it to find the lasting and meaningful relationships. The launch of this Spanish website represents another way to get those who are wanting to be found by the perfect one and confidant. Everyone in eHarmony was so pleased to introduce the new site for Spanish speaking eHarmony users.

eHarmony said that the new features of it will be available for the users to use in the next few months. The features itself include the full mobile access and the “localised experiences for Spanish-speakers around the world”. In December, the active members of eHArmony are able to complete a mini questionnaire in Spanish. It is should be done in order to be the better matched with those who create the Spanish profiles.

As the celebration of the launch of its latest website which is Spanish one, eHarmony is offering three months free for all the new users when using the promotional code “AMIGOS2015”. For your information, this Spanish website is currently available across the United States and it also will be launched in other countries such as Mexico and Spain in the next year. In early next year, February for exact, eHarmony stated that it was a strategy of launching a globalization. It was aiming to launch in a new country each quarter with Singapore as the beginning. So, for those who are Singaporean, are you ready?

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