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If you are an active user of the Internet, familiar with a popular online dating website called eHarmony, and never miss a thing of it, you have probably seen Debbie. As you probably know, she is a crazy cat lady eHarmony. the video of her for this online dating website went viral and up to this day, it has almost 28 million views.

Actually, “Debbie” was totally made up. The girl named Cara Hartman recorded the video back then  in the year of 2009. She made it as a joke to put the video on the Facebook wall of her little sister. Since the day, a lot of people have known that the name Debbie was just a character. Even so, it still remains one of the most beloved memes on the Internet.

Then, what does the video of Debbie about? In the video, there is the pet collective who investigates how Hartmann tricked by every single one into falling in love with the lady who just really like cats. Debbie says “I love cats” all the time. She also starts to sob. She adds her affection by saying “I just love them, and I want them, I want them in a basket, and in bow-ties, I want it to be a rainbow, and in my bed, and I just want a house full of them.” To make it perfect, she even says “I want my cat to be a rainbow.” What a cute girl and cute cat.

It might be not the very best way to introduce oneself on an online dating website. Apparently, this clip gets so many response and makes I love cats eHarmony as one of the the most searched keywords. In face, there is a clip on Youtube that has already approaching 1 million views. This video was originally uploaded by a Youtube user named hartmanncara on June 3.

This eHarmony cat video got viral on June 8, after being posted on the news discussion website called Reddit. The views of the video jumped crazily from 660 to more than 9,000 in less than 3 hours. One of the reason of why this video has that crazy views is that the media outlets such as CBS, Huffington Post, Fox, Mashable, The Frisky and else linked to the video.

Have you watched the video? If you have not yet but kind of get the curiosity, you can look for of it on the Internet. You can find one easily and be ready to laugh out load. If you do not get enough with this kind of video and want more of the similar one, you might check some videos on the same Youtube channel owned by hartmanncara. Aside from that cat lady, you are able to find the imitation of someone with motor neuron disease while singing the Katty Perrie’s song named Firework. Are you ready to watch all of the video? Hope you have fun while watching one and then be happy forever.

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