Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

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In the effort to get rid of the bed bugs quickly, every homeowner is always looking for the best and safe way. One of the most used methods is by rubbing the alcohol, ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol for the treatment of bed bug. There are a lot of sprays containing alcohol are sold to exterminate the bed bugs. The question is, does alcohol indeed kill the bed bugs?

The answer to the question is yes. Apparently, rubbing the alcohol either the 70% isoprophyl or 91% alcohol based sprays can be used to kill the bed bugs effectively. Even both of them can work, it is better for you to use the isopropyl alcohol in the higher concentrations when dealing with bed bugs. The 91% one will get rid of bed bugs faster than the 70% one could. Please remember that the safety of the rubbing alcohol is important. You have to consider the flammability of those sprays. As you probably know, alcohol is easy to be flamed. In addition, alcohol also can be highly abrasive on particular fabrics and surfaces. Be sure to avoid them when use it.

Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

Then, how to kill bed bugs using alcohol? First, vacuum your house entirely. Please be sure to vacuum all the areas such as under the beds, behind the furniture, and so on. Be careful to include the curtains, and the other based on fabrics furniture. After that, litter the vacuum bags far from home.

Second, buy or purchase the large sized bottles of rubbing alcohol or ethanol bed bugs sprays. Actually, the size depends on the your house itself. Since a lot of stores sell rubbing alcohol by the gallons, you are able to use the bottles of the empty spray to fill up with the rubbing alcohol.

In the step 3, you have to remove all the bed clothing, sheets, pillow cases and so on. You can seal them inside the plastic trash bags. As a note, you can liberally spray those things with the sprays of rubbing alcohol right before sealing. This step will be able to kill the eggs, the larvae, and the adult bed bugs and also deter the eggs of the bed bugs.

In the last step, wipe down every furniture with rubbing alcohol. Also, you can spray the rubbing alcohol freely. This step will help you to kill the eggs and the larvae hiding in cracks and crevices of every room. To protect yourself from the bed bugs bites, you can also be able to spray yourself from head to toe with alcohol right before sleeping at the night. However, the thing is that you have to avoid smoking or using fires around the sprayed areas.

In this way of treatment, be sure that the bed bugs come in contact with the spray. Even if it might seem working, it is better to repeat the same method every 14 days. To ensure that the newly hatched bed bugs eggs will be killed.

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