Do Bed Bugs Bite Dogs and Cats

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Bed bugs are types of insects which are small and feed solely on blood. They feed on your blood since humans are their primary targets. They can slip into your house by hanging to your clothes, or they can also slip in via small openings like electric outlets. If you see them in your bed or sofa, it will be so creepy. Bed bugs look for human by detecting the carbon dioxide that is released when humans exhale. If the bed bugs get closer and zero in on their targets that is us, they will use their infrared sensors and antennae to find a good spot to drill for blood. Generally, you will not feel the bites because the bed bug administers an anesthetic so that you do not wake up, followed by an anti coagulant to keep the blood flowing freely until it finished feeding. You have to know that bed bugs do not eat at night only.

Now, the question is: do bed bugs bite dogs and cat? If you have a pet at your home, perhaps you are worried whether your pet will be the victim of bed bugs or not. Actually, bed bugs also can bite pets like dog or cat. But, it only happens if there is not human near the bed bugs. As we mentioned above that human is a main target of bed bugs. It is because the carbon dioxide signature that are released by human is more attractive for them. Nevertheless, your pet can be the victim of bed bugs. Then, what are the signs of pet that are bitten by bed bugs?

Do Bed Bugs Bite Dogs and Cats

  • Bed bugs bite on dogs or cats can cause skin irritation that is acute, pink welts or spots on the skin, intense itching and allergic dermatitis.
  • If your dogs or cats lose a lot of hair, there is a possibility that it is caused by bed bugs. Bed bugs bite on dogs and cats has been known to cause patchy hair loss, hives, rashes, blisters, and irritability or anxiety in the pets.
  • Bed bugs do not live on the dog or cat per se but they will do so if they are unable to find a human victim.
  • Bed bugs do not live on the fur of dog and cat. They usually live in the cooler regions to hide when they are not feeding.

To prevent your dog and cat from bite of bed bug, you can follow these tips.

  • Wash the bedding of your cat and dog in hot water.
  • Vacuum the whole of your home.
  • Brush the fur of your dog and cat using special grooming combs.
  • Spray the toys and bedding of your cat and dog with isopropyl alcohol to kill eggs and larvae of the bed bugs.
  • Call in the professionals if the infestation is a big one.

Well, you always be careful with bed bugs and make sure that you always keep your house clean. And special for bed bugs, you can follow the steps above for preventing.

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