Dishwasher Soap Not Dissolving

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For you who are a housewife which usually do any kinds of activities that relates to cleaning and tiding up everything at home perhaps you often find a little bit obstacles. Even though, it is just a little bit, but it is annoying and you do not know what to do. One of problems that you find for example the dishwasher that is in your home or apartment is not dissolving. Then, how to fix it?

When the dishwasher soap is not dissolving, it will make the dishes are not clean and it will make you frustrating. If that happens, usually the detergent tablet is still there which means the dishwasher is not dissolving the tablet. How to fix the dishwasher soap not dissolvinglike this?

Dishwasher Soap Not Dissolving
It can happen because the hot water temperature of the dishwasher is below 110F/115F. This temperature is not enough to dissolve some brands of detergent tablets. So, you have to make sure that the water is hot. You can check it before you use the dishwasher. Set the hot water in the sink until it is very hot. Next, run the dishwasher immediately. Use the dishwasher on the hottest and longest cycle that is has.

Beside, you also have to check the spring opening action which is in the detergent dispenser door works appropriately. If you see that the dispenser is very small, a big detergent tablet will not let it open appropriately. It will clog the door. If this happens, you can try to use a gel or liquid dish washing detergent. A powder detergent also can be your choice because powder detergent also can make it work as well. Use a rinsing help because this can help you vanish spots even though the tablet that you use may not be dissolving appropriately.

To avoid the problem, you have to make sure that the dishwasher detergent dispenser is clean. You have to know that the dishwasher needs the assistance with the hottest water possible. You have to be sure that the dishwasher is clean from the bottom, the location of the pump and bottom washer arm. It must be clean and also has hot water so that it can dissolve the tablets. If you can not use gel, liquid and powder detergent, you are able to break the tablet in half in the sink. Then, put it in the dispenser and the hot water will make it easier to dissolve because the size of tablet is not as big as before.

Beside, you have to make sure that water is enough for the pump to pump the water. You can check this by starting the dishwasher. If you hear it running, then you can open the dishwasher. Make sure that there is enough hot water so that the pump can pump the water. Open the door when the dishwasher is working and see the level of water at the bottom of the dishwasher. After you make sure that the water is enough, you can clean the filter at the bottom to make the pump get water more efficiently.

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