Disable “This Connection is Untrusted” in Firefox

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When there is a problem with a secure URL, Mozilla FireFox will display “This Connection is Untrusted”. It is such a warning message. Usually, the problem is related to security certificates. You might get “This Connection is Untrusted” when you try to open a secure URL which uses an expired or configured wrongly security certificate. This message also might appear when the system is wrongly configured. Why does this warning message appear? A secure website presents its security certificate before starting an encrypted communication. When there is a trouble related to the security certificate, the web browser will fail on verifying the identity of the website. In this case, Mozilla FireFox will be error and give you a warning message on your browser window. It should be done in order to assure your privacy and protect you from the possible identity theft.

Apparently, this kind of warning can be fixed easily. Still, you have to be more careful. When you are browsing a https URL without the valid security certificate, your security will be threaten. If you have a plan to perform a transaction of financial such as banking, shopping, and so on or want to share the sensitive information, you have to avoid such URLs. If you are browsing and the website is the trusted one, you can bypass “This Connection is Untrusted”.

Then, how to do it? First, try to load the URL without https. This one often works, especially then the https is added by mistake. Please go back to https if it does not work. Second, FireFox will display the error message. Please press “I Understand the Risks” and you will notice the button of Add Exception. Press the button. Then, the dialog box of Add Security Exception will be appeared. You have to Uncheck Permanently store this exception and then press the button of Confirm Security Exception. After that, the webpage will reload.

Actually, bypassing is not the solution of the problem. So, how about resolving “The Connection is Untrusted?” when the message appears, please press the “Technical Details” button. FireFox will give some details of the problem. It will give you the error message along with its code. If you get error message “The certificate is only valid for (site name)” with error code SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN, you have to check the name of the domain mentioned in the error details.


In case you get an error written “certified will not be valid until” with error code SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_ISSUER_CERTIFICATE, then you have to check your system and set the clock and time to today. When you get “The certificate expired on date” as the error with error code SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE, please check the date on your system. If it is not correct, go set it to today’s date and time. For those who get error message “The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown”, you can check the system and make sure that SSL scanning is turned off on your antivirus.

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