Destiny PS4 Error Code Marionberry Fix

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Do you know Bungie’s Destiny? Do you play it? This run and gun gameplay mixed with RPG mechanics has become one of the favorite games among gamers. In this game, it does not matter whether you are the user of PS4 or the user of Xbox One. the most important thing is the Internet connectivity.

In PS4 console, there is an error called error code Marionberry. In this case, the network setup is likely the culprit. The error code shows up when a setting has changed. There are some reasons why this error happens. Commonly, it related to a setting with parental controls, Wi-Fi, or change in Internet connection. In some worst cases, this error indicates that there is something wrong with the router. It depends on the age of the router. In fact, the hardware could be outdated via firmware, needs a reboot, or in several cases, complete replacement.

Have you ever faced this error before? When it happens, you will be unable to play and have difficulty locating the cause. Do not worry because there are several solutions to try such as modifying the console settings and changing the network connection. In very rare cases, the connection has to be resolved via IP adjustment. Here are some ways to fix the issue.

The first one is resetting or restarting the router. There is the possibility that the source of the error is networking, so in this one the router is on the spot light. You just have to restart the router to solve the error. Make sure to try it before moving forward. To do it, first, log off and turn off the PS4 console. Then, turn off or unplug the router and wait 30 seconds. Next, plug in the router and wait for all lights power back on. When it is ready, please relaunch Destiny on the PS4 console. After that, check if the issue is still there. You might also have to power off every networking services like disabling the Internet, turning off the router, restarting the console, and so on.

The second one is troubleshooting the network. First, be sure that there are no additional background downloads that hindering the current play speed. Please do the steps above to reset if you are the user of wireless. In addition, please ensure that the router is in an open location which is not blocked by metal, electronics, concrete, or thick walls. Then, check in order to make sure that the Internet meets the minimum 1mpbs upload or download ratio. You might get the slow playtime and Marionberry error if it does not. if there is the possibility, please try directly connecting to the modem instead of going via the router. This one might fix the connection and the speed issues.


Other methods that you can try to solve the error are adjusting Firewall Settings, manually assigning static IP address to the router of PS4, assigning static IP address to PS4, and entering custom IP address adjust Firewall Settings. Those methods should properly identify and fix the problem. If the error is still appearing, you might need to contact the ISP for the further assistance. Just tell them what happens and ask for the clear solution.

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