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eHarmony is one of the name of online dating websites. This one can help the singles to find their perfect matches. Joining this kind of online dating website might be not forever. Sometimes, there is a thought to just be quite. Do you ever think of how to delete eHarmony profile? There are literally millions of reasons of why you would want to do that thing. Most common reason is that you already found someone special at eHarmony. Another possible reason is that you have found one on the other places. The last one is, maybe you are just too tired of looking for someone special online and you just want to take a break.

Whatever reason you have, it does not matter. The good news is, deleting the account of eHarmony is not only possible but also very easy. Before deleting the account of eHarmony, you have to close it first. Some people simply close their accounts of eHarmony to take a break from the website for awhile. They can simply log in with the same address of email and its password whenever they feel like they are ready to get back into this field. In this case, they are able to access their old profiles. It also means that they can keep the information safe so that they do not have to upload pictures and find the new matches.

To close the eHarmony account, first go and login to the account. Then, click on down arrow in the upper right side of the page. It is beside the profile picture. Next, click on Account Settings. After that, click on Billing. Please scroll the page and click on the “Close Account” link. In the last part, please answer some questions about yourself and follow the rest steps.

Then, “how do i delete my eHarmony account“? If you want to close the account of eHarmony permanently, please follow these following steps. First, go to the Account Settings page and cancel your subscription. Then, find the option Close Account and then click on it and follow the process. For your information, you have to wait until the period expires before closing the account, if you are on a payment plan. If you cancel or close the subscription of eHarmony, it means that you are still in the subscription plan and then all of your matches will also be closed. However, the profile details and the photos will still exist.

In case you are thinking of eHarmony delete account and its details completely, then you have to close the account of eHArmony first and send a request email to Put Delete My Account Information as the subject line. This request will take around 10 days to finish. After your request approved by eHarmony, your account of eHarmony will be deleted permanently. However, if you want to go back to this field, you will have to start from the beginning. On the other word, you will need to fill out the questionnaire again, upload new photos, and fill the information about yourself and your ideal one more time.

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