Can You See Bed Bugs with The Naked Human Eye

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Bed bugs are small insects which feed the blood human. Actually, you can see the bed bugs with the naked human eye. Of course, you are able to see adult bed bugs easily with the naked eye. The size of the adults bed bugs are about as an apple seed. You can see that adult bed bugs are reddish brown and wingless. Immature bed bugs or nymphs are also can you see with the naked eye. But the immature bed bugs are smaller than adult bed bugs. The immature bed bugs have the whitish yellow color. How about the bed bugs eggs? The bed bug eggs are also very tiny. It is about the size of the head of a pin. You have to know that bed bugs can look different depend on their feeding status. Both adult bed bugs and immature bed bugs expand slightly and become a deep red color after feed. It has been shown that a bed bug is able to survive as long as twelve months without feeding.

As we know that the bed bugs have not wings. The bed bugs are also cannot fly. For the adults of bed bugs, they have the vestiges of the wings that called wings pads. But it cannot make the bed bugs are able to fly. The bed bugs just are able to crawl to move around. Usually the bed bugs are able to crawl into cloth, luggage and even they are able to crawl into furniture. The bed bugs are not typically spread from direct person to person contact but the bed bugs spread by hitchhiking on luggage and possessions. They are very need the human blood to survive. Therefore if you find the bed bugs in your home, you have to get rid of them because they are going to bite you. The bite of the bed bug is very itchy. Besides it is also very dangerous for your health. If the bed bug bites you, you can use anti-itch cream to cure it.

Can You See Bed Bugs with The Naked Human Eye

The bed bugs unlike the mosquito which can spread the disease, they cannot spread disease for the people but the bed bugs are the public health nuisance. However, if you find the bed bugs in your home, you have to get rid of them as soon as possible. If you do not get rid of them, it will more difficult to kill and remove them in your home. What should you do to get rid of the bed bugs? There are several things which can you do to remove or kill the bed bugs. First, you are able to use vacuum cleaner to remove the bed bugs from mattress, box spring and other favorite places of bed bugs. Then you are able to get rid bed bugs by putting the infested items in the freezer for some days. The bed bugs cannot withstand in the temperature cold at 0 degree Fahrenheit. The process of freezing causes ice to form inside the bed bugs. So when you put infested items in the freezer, it will make the bed bugs injury and died.

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