Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes: E02, E13, E17

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Do you have a Bosch washing machine? If the answer to the question is yes, you probably know that there is a built-in system for diagnosing any errors that might occur with the machine. Usually, the machine (the display screen) will display the errors in the form of a letter along with two numbers. Aside from telling the error codes, the display screen also will indicate what and where the fault is occurring.  For those the users of Bosch washing machine like you, there are several most common error codes you have to know. Those include error codes E02, E13, and E17.

Error E02 or also known as error code E2 usually indicates the problem related to the water supply of the washing machine. It is when the machine is unable to be filled with water to start the washing cycle or when the machine can be filled with water but the process of it tales mush longer than its internal allotted time. There are several causes of it. overall, it means that the water pressure into the washing machine is either very low or there is no water on its way to the washing machine. You have to check the main water pressure of your home to find the source of the error. Then, how to fix this E02 error? The first thing you have to do is to check that the water supply into the machine is turned on. If it is the case, please check the water hose. Aside from that, you also need to check the inlet cord and the water inlet strainer.

The second one is error code E13. This error indicates the washer has a drainage problem. You have to turn off he power to the washing machine via the breaker or unplug the machine from the wall before fixing the error. To solve the problem, first, you have to find the circular door. This one has the small hole. To fit it, you need a small screwdriver or a small drill. This will compress the tab. When the door is removed, you are able to see a small plastic cap with its wings. There will be also a green ring attached to the string. The string is able to unlatch the door.  Then, start to unscrew the cap slowly. When the cap is removed, please pull out the trap and check out the inside. Next, replace the cap along with the trap and lint filter. Also, please plug in the washer back to its power to use the washer again.


The last one is error code E17. This one indicates that the water is leaking and has reached into the bottom of the machine. This error is when the door is locked and prevent the water from escaping. The quickest way to get rid of this error is to lean the machine toward its back so the water drains away from the sensor that will allow the machine to open.

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