Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes: E15, E22, E01, E09

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In this article, provides information specifically the most common error codes that could cause your Bosch dishwasher. We’ll see the Bosch error code;
1. E15
2. E22
3. E01
4. E09
And hopefully we can solve each of these errors one by one, providing guidance for each of these errors.

1. The error code E15

E15 error code means, then it is just that there is no water in the dishwasher, or the machine is sure there is no water in the machine. Many sources suggest that to solve this problem, you just need to remove the engine, and tilt the dishwasher back forty-five degrees, while, while the power button press the machine to eliminate the error. This course will remove temporary errors, and let the dishwasher continue. However, in fact these errors mean that the possibility of the engine has a very small leak, so that water is collected in the base plate of the machine on the ground. Once the water is collected, Styrofoam solved buoys at the base, which then activates the microswitches, which then turns off the water inlet to the machine, trigger the error code E15. Tilting the machine back in just a few tips from the water collected from the machine, put the float; It actually does not solve the problem. If you want a temporary solution and correct the E15 error code correctly, follow the simple instructions:

1. Turn off the dishwasher, and pull it.
2. Open the door of the dishwasher and open the four screws that secure in front of the door in place. Then the sliding door.
3. Next, remove the two screws that secure the bottom plate further in place and close the lid. Be careful because you now have a few screws that are open that could easily hurt you.
4. Now remove the insulation behind the base plate. Implement these actions will reveal the inside of the machine base.
5. In the center of the base, you will find a square plastic cover holding the micro itself. The transition itself has two blue wires that help you identify them.
6. Now you must remove the plastic cover of the microswitch. To do this, remove the cover from the right side and remove the cover.
7. Measure behind the microswitch itself, without a styrofoam plate, about four inches thick. Remove the floppy disk and clean it properly.
8. Install the disc in place, and replace the engine.

Machines now work as usual, and the error code E15 is now going to be gone.

2. The error code E22

Error code E22 shows thatthere residual water it is pumping in the rinse tank left. To correct the error, it is best to check the pump for clogging, and the engine because of possible dirt filters, especially if it is working with a noticeable amount of oil or other build-up. Any synthesis will properly prevent the machine from draining. To check the filters, do the following:

1. Disconnect the engine before continuing to disassemble the machine.
2. Remove the bottom of the washing machine.
3. Below, you will find a hexagonal filter that should be at the front blue arrow shouldhave filter points indicating that lock in place.
4. Rotate the filter is lifted, so you can remove it from the base of the machine.
5. Next, the metal plate at the base of the machine can remove the outside of the filter.
6. Next, clean the metal plate that you removed from the base of the machine with two parts of the filter.
7. If the filters were also crusted with dirt and grim, it would be better not to replace them completely than they put back in the machine. Replacement filters are easy enough in Amazon, but make sure that both the inside and outside of the filter.
8. Now, after filter is replaced, click again, and replace the crockery basket lower.

Should machines now work correctly. If they do not, perhaps dies That pumps itself has been blocked. To remove, follow the instructions Work:

1. With the filter removed (as above), the pump cover is dismantled until locked. Grips the cover through the nose and pulls it up, then pull forward to resist it, remove it.
2. You can now clean the pump yourself and remove dirt can clog the pump and prevent it from drying properly.
3. Now you can replace the pump cover with filter and rack dishwasher lower.

The shoulder stand the sewage now flows out of the rinse tank, and the error code E22 shoulders now fixed.

3. Error code 01 or E1

The fault code 01 or E1 Bosch dishwasher will mean you have problems with the engine. Specifically, this error indicates that you need to replace a power module to control the engine stops working or does not work.

Like all other errors described in this article, you can easily fix the error code 01 or E1 own. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

1. The first thing you need to do is to turn off the power in the dishwasher.
2. Then carefully remove the toe plate with a screwdriver.
3. When you remove the plate, remove and remove the dishwasher. The reason for this is the position of the power module. You might be expecting the net model right behind the front panel but they are wrong because it is actually right at the base of the dishwasher.
4. All you have to do is find the basic tab that holds the power module. There were two of them and they are made of plastic. Make sure you gently pry the base strips until the power module has been cleaned. Once you do, start moving the bottom of the power module, clean the base and pull the power module out of the base.
5. The last step requires that you disassemble the water tap lid bottom until you open the lid. Once you open the cover enough of the harness to disconnect all the power modules.

This should correct the Bosch error and dishwasher should start function properly afterwards.

4. Error code 09

Last mistake in this article, the error code 09, there is a problem that affects the temperature. To work out, if you experience this error on your Bosch dishwasher, this means a fault in the heating circuit due to overheating (this occurs when the temperature rises to more than 220 ° F

If you want to fix these errors, follow these simple steps:

1. Unplug the power cord from the Bosch dishwasher or the end of the circuit breaker.
2. Keep your Bosch dishwasher uninterrupted at least 5 minutes.
3. Close the dishwasher Bosch.

In many cases, this is enough for the error code 09 missing and dishwasher Bosch worked fine again. There is, however, the possibility that this will not succeed. If not, there is a problem with the control board in the dishwasher door, particularly in the upper right corner. If this happens, replace the control boards. And thank you for reading this article, if you have any suggestions and feedback, you can contact us at You can share this article to Facebook social media, Google+ and anymore. See you in the next article.



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