Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E15

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The code can be found in Bosch Dishwasher. As we have already mentioned, but again and again, the machine itself is equipped with a detection system to detect the errors in the machine itself, reported by an error code, or a code on errors on the digital display engine. Usually, the face of the timer is displayed.

The code is usually a combination of letters usually F or E, followed by two numbers. These codes must show what the problem is, and even where it came from. So, the code itself will tell you where to start on the search engine to train it. We will see specifically the four most common error codes that could cause your Bosch dishwasher could cause. We’ll see the Bosch E15 error code hopefully we can solve each of these errors one by one, providing guidance for each of these errors.

The error code E15

E15 error code means, then it is just that there is no water in the dishwasher, or the machine is sure that there is no water in the machine. Many sources suggest that to solve this problem, you just need to remove the engine, and tilt the dishwasher back forty-five degrees, while, while the power button press the machine to eliminate the error. This course will remove temporary errors, and let the dishwasher continue. However, in fact these errors mean that the possibility of the engine has a very small leak, so that water is collected in the base plate of the machine on the ground. Once the water is collected, Styrofoam released buoys at the base, which then activates the microswitches, which then turns off the water inlet to the machine, trigger the error code E15. Tilting the machine back in just a few tips from the water collected from the machine, put the float; It actually does not solve the problem. If you want a temporary solution and correct the E15 error code correctly, follow the simple instructions:


1. Turn off the dishwasher, and pull it.
2. Open the door of the dishwasher and open the four screws that secure in front of the door in place. Then the sliding door.
3. Next, you need to remove the two screws that secure the floor plate back in the future, and the mute cover. Be careful because you now have a few screws that are open that could easily hurt you.
4. Now remove the insulation behind the base plate. Carry out this action will reveal the inside of the machine base.
5. In the middle of the base, you will find a square plastic cover holding the micro itself. The transition itself has two blue wires that help you identify them.
6. Now you must remove the plastic cover of the microswitch. To do this, remove the cover from the right side and remove the cover.
7. Measure behind the microswitch itself, without a styrofoam plate, about four inches thick. Remove the disc and clean it properly.
8. Install the disc in place, and replace the engine.

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