Bed Bugs Symptoms and Treatment

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Do you know bed bugs? Have you ever heard the name before you are visiting this place? Bed bugs are kind of pest. This one is counted as the insect. This animal is small, flat, oval shaped. Different from most of insects, bed bugs do not have wings to fly. Its movement relies on humans to carry them from one place to the other. It has reddish brown color. Another characteristic is that it can be between 1 and 7 millimeters. Do you know the other characteristics of bed bugs such as its food? Apparently, bed bugs do not eat foods or clothes. It feeds on the bloods from humans or animals, just like Dracula on the fairy tale. Please be extra careful at the night because it is most active at the night. They feed on their victims while they sleep.

Are bed bugs dangerous? The answer to the question can be yes because it can bite. They bit humans or animals to suck their blood as the way to survive. Another question is, if they bite, what are the symptoms of the bed bugs bite? The bites of bed bugs do not always show up immediately after you are bitten. Sometimes, the bites appear a few days to start causing the symptoms. As a note, this insect do not come out to feed every single night. The thing is that it can go several days without eating. As addition, it might take some weeks to aware that the bites are part of the large pattern.

Bed Bugs Symptoms and Treatment

Commonly, the bites of the bed bugs are so itchy. The burning sensation on the skin might be experienced by you on the several days after you have been bitten. You might know that you will not feel the bites. How can that happen? For your information, the bugs will excrete the little amount of anesthesia into your body before they bite. Do not forget to not to scratch the bite of the bed bugs because it might cause the secondary infection which can leas to swelling and bleeding.

Then, what to do if you get the symptoms of the bed bugs? What is the treatment of it? actually, the symptoms of this insect can be disappear in one or two weeks. To get rid of it, you can use the anti itch cream in order to keep yourself from itching the bite. Please consider antihistamine as the thing to reduce the itching and burning. The other things you can try are the ice packs and the antiseptic cream or lotion. The ice packs can help numb the skin and also reduce the urge to scratch. Meanwhile, the antiseptic cream or lotion can be used if you get the infection.

Aside from getting the treatment, it is better for you to destroy the bed bugs. To do it, you can call the pest control company to treat your home. If you want to do it by yourself, you might use the insecticide.

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