Bed Bug Stains on Sheets

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If you see there are bed bugs stains on your sheet, it can be confirmed that there are bed bugs in your house. When you are trying to clean your bed, changing bedding then you see like reddish or rusty stains on your bed sheets or mattress that is caused by bed bugs being crushed, dark spots that are bed bug excrement and may bleed on the fabric like marker would, eggs and eggshells that are small and pale yellow skins that nymphs shed as they grow bigger and live bed bugs. So, if you find the physical signs of bed bugs like these, you have to kill them.

Seeing the bed bug stains on your sheets are very disgusting. So, you have to clean it. But, before you clean it, you have to make sure that the bed bugs have been repelled because if not, they will make your sheet dirty again and again. So, make sure that you have killed them by using rubbing alcohol or the other bed bug killer.

When you see bed bugs stains on your sheet, the first thing that you can do is to locate the nesting areas. Then, look for bugs and eggs in and around your bed, in the drawers of nightstands and dressers behind and under furniture and curtain. You can look for the bed bugs and their eggs by the help of flashlight and old card. Usually, they hide in cracks, corners, and recessed areas. So, make sure that you look for in those areas.  After that, you can kill the bed bugs with heat and cold. Fabric items can be laundered at 122°F (50 °C) to kill the bed bugs and it will take some washings before the bugs are removed completely.

Bed Bug Stains on Sheets

Then, you can wash and spot treat fabric. You can spray the stain remover directly onto the spots. The most products recommend waiting no more than 30 minutes before washing the fabric and you can get these kinds of stain removers in the most general retailers and grocery stores. After that, you can wash the fabric as you would normally on the Cold setting. You can add your normal amount of detergent and bleach to the washing machine and then insert the fabric and run a complete cycle. The cold setting can keep the protein in the organic stains loose. Then, you can treat remaining stains with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. After that, you can air dry the fabric then repeat the cleaning process as necessary. Dry your laundry on low heat, alternatively.

If you want to remove the stains on the mattress, you can use a dry washcloth to scrub the spots on your mattress dry. Then, you can spot clean light stains with cold water and hand soap. Treat stubborn stains with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. But, you have to limit peroxide/ ammonia treatments to 10 to 15 minutes to prevent damage to the mattress. After that, you can reapply the cleaning process as necessary.

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