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The existence of bed bugs is very disgusting. Beside it can bite human, they can also make our furniture dirty. Even, a survey that was done by 2015 Bugs Without Borders, bed bugs are the most difficult pest to treat and they are more difficult than termites, ants and cockroaches. Depending on the scope of an infestation and the type of treatment that is used by a pest professional, it is able to take some treatments to remove bed bugs completely. So, before bed bugs come to our house, it is better for us to prevent them with any methods.

Spraying is one of the methods that we can do to prevent the appearance of bed bugs. Sprays, both commercially available brands and professional strength variations are the most effective when combined with common sanitation and cleaning efforts. When you use insecticides and aerosols for treating a mattress, you have to read the instructions carefully because some insecticides and sprays have restrictions on how they may be used and applied to mattresses. Pyganic Dust, Bedlam Aerosols and Temprid SC Insecticide are the insecticides and dusts that specifically can be used  for mattresses. Dusts and sprays can be used on surfaces like chests, dressers, chairs, nightstands, couches and the other furniture.

When you use sprays, you have to note that you have to do that from the outside-in for example when you spray bedding, you have to spray from the outside-in. The spray should be applied in a circular pattern and you can apply it to your furniture as well. Headboards, walls, and the other areas can be spot treated. You can find basic sprays for under $5.00. But, there is a little difference between the most expensive sprays on the market and the sprays that are less expensive. A lot of over-the-counter bug sprays can be an affordable solution. Even, some products combine a fungicide, bactericide, and sanitizer along with the spray. Those products tend to be more effective and permit you to use your bedding and the other infested materials sooner.

Several sprays are more intense than others. There are certain chemicals you will find common among most sprays. The main difference is the combination of these chemicals. Some are described as all natural or non toxic. These sprays tend to be better for those who are concerned about chemicals which may have harm for children or pets. So, it is important to select a spray which is not only safe but also effective. Spending money on a product which does not really work is waste of time and money. Bed Bug Patrol is the top all natural spray according to independent testing results. This product contains natural ingredients like coconut extract oil, peppermint, and cloves. This product also has been verified to be effective and completely safe to humans and pets. Best Yet Insect Spray is a safe alternative to other treatments according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This product is effective and is made from food grade ingredients. So, it does not produce an offensive odor. PuraCleenRx is an EPA favorite as well. Even though this product is not all natural but it has many of the same ingredients as common hospital disinfectants like benzalkonium chloride. A lot of ingredients in this product have proven to be safe for use in hospitals for years.

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