Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

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The presence of bed bugs in your home is very annoying. Beside they make your bed, clothes and the other furniture dirty due to the bed bugs stains, bed bugs also can bite you and make your skin red, itchy and even irritation. So, when you find that there are bed bugs in your home, you have to get rid of them as soon as possible before they spread more broadly.

If you let them alive in your mattress, it is not impossible that your mattress will have a permanent dirt and even it can be damaged. So, to protect your mattress from an infestation which may have happened, you can buy a bed bug mattress cover or encasement to trap the bed bugs inside the encasement or discourage bed bugs from making a permanent home in your bed. By using a bed bug mattress cover or encasement can help you to minimize an infestation. A bed bug mattress encasement or cover is not a guarantee that a bed bug problem will entirely go away, but it can trap or alleviate offending bed bugs from making a meal out of you.

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

A bed bugs mattress encasement is a tightly woven case which keeps bed bugs from infesting your mattress or box spring. If it is installed, bed bugs already in the mattress cannot escape and they will finally die inside the encasement. But, adult bed bugs can live well more than a year without a blood meal. So, you can leave the mattress encasement on for at least that long or for the duration of your mattress to make sure all resident bed bugs are dead and there is no new infestation of your mattress occur. Bed bugs on the outside of the mattress encasement will not be able to live and breed in the mattress because they will not be able to penetrate the barrier of the encasement. Bed bugs are easier to spot on a mattress cover because there are no deep seams or crevices where bed bugs can hide.

Bed bugs mattress encasement can be bought for as little as $20. A lot of pest control supply companies sell them on online. If you have a plan to buy a bed bugs mattress protector, you have to make sure that you select one that is specifically designed for bed bugs. There are features which are special like bugproof zippers, different materials and chemically treated covers that you can think at the time of buy.

Well, when you want to buy a bed bugs mattress encasement, you have to make sure that the encasement is:

  • Make sure that the protective cover or mattress encasement is bite-proof fabric.
  • Look for fabric which is waterproof.
  • Check to see where the zipper stop is located.
  • Consider that the zipper has small teeth. If the zipper teeth are too big, the bed bugs will have the ability to enter and exit the mattress and box springs very easily.

So, you can try to look for the bed bugs mattress encasement now. You can buy it from department store or at online shop.

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