Bed Bug Larvae Pics

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Do you know bed bugs? Have you ever gotten so annoyed because of this insect? This one is probably counted as one of the most hated animals in this planet. It is sure so tiny and is not wild but its presence could give the cause more than the wild animal would. Even bed bugs are so annoying, it is not wrong for you to learn more about it.

Just like any other living things, bed bugs must through several steps as the part of metamorphosis. Basically it starts from the egg is laid, to several immature or known as “nymph” stages and then to the adult stage. The other insects excluding bed bugs such as fleas have to through the metamorphosis and have four stages which are the egg, the larva, the pupa, and the adult. For bed bugs, there is no such a thing called larva, just like the entomologists would refer to. In bed bugs, there is the nymph instead. However, the non experts often think that the nymph is the larva of the bed bugs.

Bed Bug Larvae Pics Bed Bug Larvae Pics

Do you know what is nymph? Have you ever seen this thing in the photo or in the real life? Basically, the nymph is the bed bug that has not fully matured into the adulthood. For the characteristics, every nymph looks like the smaller versions of the adult bed bugs. All of them have the same flat and seed shaped bodies.

There are five nymph stages in total to the cycle of the bed bugs. A bed bug needs one blood meal at the each stage of the metamorphosis in order to grow up, shed its exoskeleton, and be mature into the adult bed bugs. Every nymph will grow about half a millimeter with each feeding and subsequent morph. When you look at the picture of its metamorphosis, you are able to see how much the nymph grows after hatching. Please focus at the spent egg casing beside the bug’s blood filled body.

For your information, nymphs grow after feeding. Then, they leave the skins in the clusters. As stated before, there are five stages of nymph. In the normal period, each stage can take about a week. When they become adults, those ones will suck the blood of the living things either human or animals every seven to ten days. However, the fact might be different. In fact, the nymphs of the bed bug will not die even they do not eat the blood. They even can go to the next stage. Without feeding, the nymphs of the bed bug can last for months. As for the adults, it can o more than a year. What makes them more amazing beside their survival skills are their hiding skills. They are like the experts when it comes to hiding. This is why they are so hard to be killed. To get rid of bed bugs, you can learn about this insect well from its metamorphosis and its pictures.

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