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Bed bug interceptor is know as one of the most useful things that has been created for the monitoring and management of the bed bug. This one is so simple. This device was made with the consideration of the lack ability of the bed bugs when it comes to the climbing slippery and the vertical surfaces. Usually, the cups of the interceptor consist of the plastic dish. The size of it must be large enough as it contains the bed post with the outer “moat” designed to catch and retain the bed bugs. It can say that this one is like the trap, just like the one for mouse.

The most of the interceptor cup should have the vertical (or near vertical) sides. To make it more difficult for the bed bugs to escape from the moat, sometimes, you have to add the light coating of talcum powder to the inside of the cup.

Do you know what is the benefit of this bed bug interceptor? There are some of the benefits of it including to protect the occupants of the bed from the bed bugs that are not on the bed; to check the presence of the bed bugs; to determine the effective treatments of the bed bug; as the early detection system for the bed bugs in the place like hotels, apartments, or homes; and so on.

Bed Bug Interceptor

Then, how to use the bed bug interceptor? This device should be placed under the beds that needs the protection from the bed bugs. In order to make it works in maximize mode, it is better if the beds not touch the walls or any furniture. This interceptor will not work for dust ruffles or any bedding that touch the floor. Actually, it can be place anywhere under the bed just for the monitoring purposes. This tool will be more effective when you use it on the bed when someone is sleeping. It is because that someone can be use as the attraction for the bed bugs. aside from the beds, this thing also can be placed under sofas or the furniture where the bud bugs might hide.The research by the experts shows that those insect are moving and might be found in every area in your home, including the unexpected areas. So, it is better for you to place the interceptor of the bed bugs in a lot of places including the bathrooms, the kitchens, the hallways, or anywhere.

As part of the monitoring, a minimum of 12 interceptors is best for two bedrooms with the allocation four cups per each bed, and two cups per sofa and the recliner chair. Actually, two cups per each bed is fine if the protection of the beds is not that important for you. There will be the dust and the debris gather in the traps. Those things must be cleaned regularly at least once a month. It is better to throw away the rubbish in the smooth sided plastic tub so you are able to inspect the contents of the interceptor. If you find any bed bugs, please throw away the live ones into the soapy water or the place like the plastic bag and then dispose them in the outdoor trash place.

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