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Early detection of bed bug infestations is so important as bed bugs are cryptic and spent most of their times in the places such as cracks, crevices, or similar hidden areas. Basically, those pests are difficult to find as they are so good at hiding. What makes it worst is that the reactions to the bites of the bed bugs are often unnoticed and misdiagnosed. So, to make sure about the existence of the bed bugs, detection is needed.

You can detect the existence of the bed bugs by yourself without any help of the expert. To detect those insects, you can use bed bug detector light as a help. What is bed bug detector light? This detector light is the light that can help you to find the bed bugs. This one is specialized for bed bugs and a bit different compared to the common lights.

Then, where to find bed bug detector light? You can look for one on some stores. Apparently, you can also purchase it on Home Depot. There are several options of bed bug detector light you can choose in Home Depot.

There is one bed bug detector light available on Home Depot called Powerful Black Light Flashlight 100 LED UV Light. Aside from detecting the bed bugs, this light is able to detect pet urine, mold, scorpions, insects, UV leaks, diamonds, and more. In short, it can protect your home and your family and see what you have been missing. This light has UX flashlight high power with 100 UV LED flashlight 390 to 410 nanometer wavelength with rubber grip handle and convenient hands free strap. There is also black light flash light that can you use to find the fluoresce diamonds, gemstones, ore, and the other UV light fluorescent rocks and minerals. How much does it cost? As displayed on the Home Depot website, the price of this bed bug detector light is $49.99. It will be sale for $39.97 and free shipping. With this price, you will get the additional things include free UV optics X safety glasses and camping carry bag.

Bed Bug Detector Light Home Depot

The second example of the bed bug detector light that you can purchase on Home Depot is called Bed Bug UV Detection Light. This light can cause bed bug to drop and the eggs to fluoresce because this one consists of the specific UV frequency. You can use this light to scan the bedding, the mattresses, and the chairs to detect the presence of the bed bugs. Some of themĀ things you can inspect are the plush toys, furniture, and so on. If you want to get one, you have to buy it for $15.95 and $19.95 in retail.

Another light you can get is named Rite Lite UGHBUG Bedbug Detector. This one costs $9.99. Just like any other bed bug detector lights , you can scan everything in your home including the bedding, the mattresses, the chairs, the furniture, and many other ones.

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