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Antimalware Service Executable, it is called the name of the process MsMpEng (MsMpEng.exe) that used by the Windows Defender program. The service associated with this program is the Windows Defender Service.Antimalware Executable is basically a part of Windows Defender that is a built-in security program of Microsoft. Have you ever got Antimalware Service Executable? Do you know how the methods to fix it? If you get Antimalware Service Executable, do not be panic because there are the methods to fix it. In this time we will share you how to rid Antimalware Executable. The explanation of the methods to rid Antimalware Executable can you see in the text below.

 Method 1: Reschedule Windows Defender Properly

  1. Please click the Start Menu on the left side and then type “Administrative Tools”. Click on it to open it.
  2. From the “Administrative Tools”, select “Task Scheduler”. Double click on it to open it.
  3. After that from the left pane of Task Scheduler browse to the following path: Library/Microsoft/Windows/Windows defender
  4. Then locate the Name called “Windows Defender Scheduled Scan” in the Windows Defender Folder and click on it. After that select Properties.
  5. Afterwards from the Properties Windows, please click on the Conditions Tab and Un-check the options under Idle, Power and Network. Click OK.
  6. Now you have got rid Antimalware Executable.

Method 2: Adding Antimalware Service Executable to Windows Defender Exclusion List

  1. On your keyboard to open the Windows Task Manager, please press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc”. Then in the list of processes, look for the Antimalware Service Executable process.
  2. To see the full path of the executable please right-click on it and select Open File Location. Then you can see the file MsMpEng highlighted. Please click on the address bar and copy the location of this file path.
  3. Afterwards please hold the “Windows Key” and Press “I”, select “Update and Security”, Then select “Windows Defender” from the left pane, scroll down and choose > Add an exclusion “under exclusion” > Exclude a .exe, .com or .scr process or File Type, and paste the path to MsMpEng.exe.
  4. Please visit again your Task Manager. Then paste the full path to the folder which you copied and add\MsMpEng.exe to it. Click OK to save changes.

Method 3: Scan for Malware

In this method you can scan for malware. There is a possibility a malware has infected the MsMpEng.exe process. Try scanning with an anti-malware application like MalwareBytes and AdwCleaner to scan for and delete any malware which could be present on your PC.

Method 4: Turning Off Windows Defender

There is very easy and direct method you can use to rid Antimalware Executable. In this method you just need to turn off Windows Defender to rid Antimalware Executable. In this method, you can use the Local Group Policy Editor which can works on only Windows Enterprise and Pro Editions of Windows 10. But if you cannot use the Local Group Policy Editor, so you can use the Registry editor.

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