Activation Error 0xc004f050 in Windows 10 Fixed

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Windows 10 is one of the most popular programs right now. A lot of people are loving this new version of Windows. However, there are also some of the users who are regretting to upgrade because of all the bugs and the problems. One of the problems is called Activation Error 0xc004f050 in Windows 10.

Why does this 0xc004f050 appear? Why are you getting this kind of error? Apparently, if you already installed Windows 7/8/8.1 on your computer and do an upgrade successfully, there will not be any problems. This error occurs when you do a Clean Install. This error will appear with the sentence like “Error: 0xc004f050 The Software licensing Service Reported that the Product key is Invalid”.

For your information, the Clean Install will wipe everything from the Primary Drive and Windows cannot find the hardware ID to verify the license after the install. In fact, this kind of error is not something that can be fixed in seconds. It requires some time and some technical knowledge.

Stay calm and do not worry too mush because here you will be given the method to fix Activation Error 0xc004f050 in Windows 10. First, you have to get ready with the installation disk and the product key to activate your copy. It is fine whether you are the user of Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. Second, Clean Install Windows 7 or 8 using the installation disk and then activate your copy first. Third, download all the updates to see the notification of Windows 10 update or download Windows Media Creation Tool and then use the option upgrade the computer in order to get Windows 10 straight away. Fourth, when the upgrade is complete, please check the activation status. It should be fully activated. The error 0xc004f050 just got rid already.


Aside from that, Windows Media Creation tool can be used to create a flash drive or even better you have a USB in order to get rid the old installation. Please clean the install Windows 10 right now and skip every time it asks for the product key. Windows will be automatically identify and activate the copy after the installation.

As the addition, Clean Install has to make sure that you cannot roll back to the previous version of Windows (which are Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1). So, make sure that you are confident enough to use Windows 10. If the method above does not work and it does not solve Activation Error 0xc004f050, please do the same steps. For this time, please install Windows in some other drive using the installation drive. Do it one more time if it is still failed. In case this alternative also does not help at all, please visit the branch of Windows and ask for a help from the experts. Hope you can get rid of Activation Error 0xc004f050 with ease and your Personal Computer (PC), laptop, or tab will be fine soon.

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