0x80073cf9: Windows phone App Store Error 0x80073cf9 Solved

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Recently, perhaps you face an error code 0x80073cf9 after upgrading your Windows phone. When you try to install or update an application on the Windows store, this error will come up. Even, several users received error when they tried to open a certain installed apps. Error code 0x80073cf9 generally is caused by specific files relating to the Windows Store which tend to go missing when a phone is upgraded to the latest build of the Windows 10 mobile Insider Preview.

So, can this error be fixed? Here, we are going to give you some solutions in terms of this problem.

  1. Switching Storage. You can fix this error by changing the storage from SD Card to Internal Storage. A lot of times app developers do not permit you to install on SD Card. Users want to install future app on SD Card because Internal Memory is almost full. However, one has to free up some space in internal memory to get rid of 0x80073cf9 error. So, how to switch the storage? The first thing that you have to do is you have to go to Settings. Then, scroll down and tap on Storage. After that, switch to Internal from SD Card. Then, reboot your phone. After rebooting your phone, you can open Windows Store again and download the app without any issue.
  2. Reset Windows Phone. To do a hard reset, you will delete all installed apps and personal data. It also makes you reset the device to its factory condition software-wise. If you are ready with this condition, you can go to Settings first. Then, you have to navigate to System and then go to About. After that, tap on Reset your phone. Follow the instructions on the screen to perform a hard reset. If your phone has been reset and then it makes Messaging app disappear, you have to do is to get it back by going to ms-windows-store:pdp?pfn=Microsoft.Messaging_8wekyb3d8bbwe using Microsoft Edge. The link will open in the Windows Store and you can install the Messaging app from the page.
  3. Workaround. You can try this workaround which you can use to bypass 0x80073cf9 error code and update the apps successfully, you can start it by updating the affected apps from Windows Store. Then, wait for the update to fail so that 0x80073cf9 error code will be displayed. If the error has been displayed, navigate to the Windows Store app page for the specific app which has failed to update and update it from its page. For several reasons, updating apps from Windows Store by using this workaround actually results successfully and does not lead to the 0x80073cf9 error code.

So, if you find 0x80073cf9 error code again, you do not need to worry because you can try to fix it by using one of the two methods above. Or you can try the workaround. But, you have to note that the workaround is just a temporary solution. If you want to really fix it you can choose the first or the second method.

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