0x8007007A – Windows Live Mail Error Fixed

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Using Windows live mail can make your business easy. Windows live mail can set up multiple accounts, can include webmail, photo email, permits viewing old emails when you are offline, and the other features. But, people recently complain about the problem that they encounter when they are trying to send email. Especially an email that load photo albums, it will appear a message that says 0x8007007A Live Email error. It happens because there is a conflict between Live Mail and One Drive. Then, how to fix this problem? You do not need to worry because here we are going to give you several methods to fix this problem.

  1. Delete the message that cause the issue. If a message is stuck in your outbox folder and it prevents the other messages to be sent, you can delete the message that causes the problem. To do this, you can open Windows Live Mail first or Windows 10 Mail app by pressing Windows key on the keyboard and type in the suitable name. Below the folders of account, click on the Outbox. You should see the message in the center of the screen. Choose the unsent message and delete it. Then, try to send a message to your account to see if this solved the problem.
  2. Send the pictures as attached files. To do this, you can open Windows Live Mail or Mail app for Windows 10. Start writing a new e-mail. After that, choose insert and then click Attach file icon. Use the window that opens to navigate to the pictures and choose them and then click Open. If it opens Photo album tools, it means that you will have issues again. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and it will give you jpg images that you can attach as files. If Photo album tools opens, you can attach the files one by one.
  3. Remove and reconfigure Windows Live Mail account. To do this, you can launch Windows Live Mail and then click Tools. After that, find Accounts on the menu and click the email address which you intend to remove. Choose Remove and click OK. Now, you have to reconfigure the account. To do this, you can click Tools again and choose Accounts. Find Add option and click it. Next, choose an Email account and then click Next. Type your credentials which consist of mail address, password, and display name. If you have entered the information, click Next and Finish.
  4. Fix Windows Live Mail. To do this, you can start navigating to Control Panel and choose Programs, and then choose Programs and Features. Now, right click on Windows Live Essentials 2012 and choose Uninstall/Change. Choose Select Repair all Windows Live programs when the dialogue box opens. Wait until the repair process is done. If this process is complete, restart your computer.

So, after reading some methods of fixing 0x8007007A Windows Live Mail error, you can try it if you face this kind of problem.

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